Hurst Review Opinion?

  1. I failed NCLEX RN twice. Was wondering if Hurst would help. For those who used it, please let me know thanks.

    ( May 2018 video and links added by staff )

    Passed NCLEX-RN | My Opinion on the Hurst Review

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  3. by   ash.RN.
    If you feel that you are weak in content then I would suggest Hurst. It helped me understand content really well.
  4. by   Alphabet-soupRN
    Yes, I used it and do not think I would have passed the NCLEX without it. It also made me feel much more confident going into my role as an RN. I learned things I never learned in school.
  5. by   Lillian11
    I did HURST online starting 12/23 and tested 1/16. I failed.
    HURST was wonderful for content, and I even learned a few new things, but it did not prepare me for the NCLEX style of questions.
    I am signing up for NCBSN's review this time around. I've heard the review questions are hard, which is good, because I thought NCLEX was hard too.
  6. by   jennifer_app
    Hey Lillian,

    I am sorry to hear that you failed the Nclex. I failed it twice and I am lost as to what I should do. Hurst seemed promising from some people but after listening to a sample lecture I am not sure if its beneficial for me. Have you tried Kaplan?
    I hear they teach more strategies for Nclex.
  7. by   Alphabet-soupRN
    You can search Hurst electrolyte lecture on youtube to get a better idea if its for you. I remember I had 2 identical questions on the NCLEX that I had gotten on the Hurst practice exams. I used the Kaplan book and would get high scores and then would go to another book and do horrible. Kaplan seemed too easy to me. I stand by Hurst.. I had nearly half SATA, and unless you are extremely clear on your content it is almost impossible to answer those type of questions. I also believe they do a trial lecture if you sign up. You can get Kaplans decision tree online if you google it. I thought it was more confusing then helpful. Whatever you choose, good luck! I'm sure if you take a review you will pass
  8. by   jennifer_app
    Thank you!!

    Do you mind telling me how many hours are the videos in total?And about how many videos are there? Does the online package give me access to Hurst questions?
  9. by   ash.RN.
    Hey how do you feel on content? If they gave you a question on hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism would you know the s/s associated with it? I used both Hurst and Kaplan. Hurst greatly helped in content, so if you believe that you are weak in content then you should buy Hurst. Kaplan was useful in answering questions. I used all of the qtrainers and most of the qbank. I would look up and questions I got incorrect and made sure I understood why i got the question incorrect. Both are good programs but they are useful in their ways.
  10. by   jennifer_app
    Yea I would know the symptoms for those two.. Im not sure what I am weak at... But I do think content is something I need more review on. Is there a way I can just get their Q trainers without buying their lectures?
  11. by   ash.RN.
    I don't think they sell the Qtrainers alone. I know you can buy the Qbank by itself without the lectures. The cheapest option if you want the Qtrainers is buying the Kaplan On Demand, it comes with the lectures though.
  12. by   Alphabet-soupRN
    Quote from jennifer_app
    Thank you!! Do you mind telling me how many hours are the videos in total?And about how many videos are there? Does the online package give me access to Hurst questions?
    If you go on the hurst website it should tell you how many lectures.. I think something like 25? With a lot of extras. They range from 30 to an hour and 15. Yes it comes with critically thinking questions and 6 tests.. You can google for a coupon code and get $30 off. I paid $270 for the online course. It includes everything live review does except the live part. You have access to it for 90 days.

    Hurst is definitely content heavy but they also focus on critical thinking your way through questions. If you are doing well on the exam you will have a lot of SATA.. Those are content questions.. True and false. If you know your content the critical thinking part should come naturally. Hurst also does a good job of telling you what to FORGET about what you were taught in school.
  13. by   hoby
    Hi ash, im also looking for review center or materials both in class or online. One iption is hurst since i heard a lot of good reviews. I also looking into rachel allens review but its way too far from me. May i know your location right now. Im in Los Angeles. In what state ur applying?
  14. by   sMoLsNurse
    I actually really enjoyed Hurst Review. I bought it about a month before my final exam in my RN program. I ended up scoring 10 points higher on my final than any other exam in the whole program. The people in the videos have *very* annoying accents and made some strange references, but the content is memorable and the worksheets help drill the content into your brain.