Hurry up and wait...*sigh*

  1. Tested this AM, it shut off on me at 85 questions. I wanted to scream at the computer.."No, wait, ask me more questions, I do know what I am talking about!!!" I walked out and felt seriously nauseated.

    Nothing updated on my BON site, quick results won't be back this soon, so I am trying to just not think too much about it. I figure it is what it is and nothing I can do about it right this moment.

    Waiting has never been one of my strong points, LOL!

    Anyway, back to work in the morning, this evening I have a poster project to help my DD with and then we will kick back to watch American Idol.

    Hope everyone else that tested today feels okay...Keeping fingers crossed and prayers up!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, Lori! Let us know.
  4. by   leannek90
    Hang in there, I know that the waiting game can be really tough. One trick that you can try, is to go to your BON's website and search to see if you have been issued a license yet. Supposedly, once the computer shuts off, the BON already knows if you are going to get a license or not. This way will save you a few bucks, rather than paying to find out your results earlier. I hope this works for you! Good luck!!

  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    good luck and enjoy the waiting game:P winkss sure u made it:P
  6. by   Pucca73

    Keep praying. I think you passed.
  7. by   lduncan
    I know exactly how you feel. I took my test last week and it cut off on 85. I was so nervous and waiting those two days was the worst. But in the end I passed. So I hope this helps you relax