How to te take the nclex rn again?

  1. Hello there, I took the Nclex RN on December 15th 12 I didn't pass so how long do I have to wait to pay Pearson View again to re take it?
    Can I start studying again now it should I wait until I receive my ATT?
    What is the best book review that teach you about critical thinking to pick the correct answer?
    I want to pass the 2 nd time please some advice I will be very grateful.
    Any study guide out there? What is the the best online review not too expensive?
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  3. by   kaysc00
    I believe its 90 days...did they give you some hints on what you need to improve on? For a lot of people its how to take the I recommend cds that have mucho practice tests that give you feedback after the you know what your weakness are and fix them
  4. by   kemifair
    Start studying now
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    generally 45 days to resit exam but some states do wait 90. You can start studying now but recommend you do not rush to resit but give yourself time to study. You can pay pearsonvue now and they will not send ATT out until it is time