How many only got 85 questions?NCLEX PN

  1. Hello,
    My name is Raquel and i just took the nclex pn. I got 85 questions but I am almost sure it is not in my favor. I am trying to have faith that I passed and I do faith is a little on the weak side. Anyone take the NCLEX PN with 85 questions and passed?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It is very hard to predict, many have passed with 85 and others have failed. Welcome and good luck
  4. by   dolphn545
    I happen to be one of the ones who had passed with 85 questions. I left the exam room feeling like I completely failed, called my father and told him I would end up retaking it. Had questions that I felt I had absolutely no clue about. But thankfully, I passed.

    Be positive! Hope you passed too!!
  5. by   swee2000
    I also ended the NCLEX-PN exam at 85 questions and walked out going "What the he** just happened in there?". In fact, the whole time I was taking the exam I felt like "Why is this happening to me?". Not a good feeling to have as your taking the biggest exam of your life. Heck, I studied for hours on end, used almost every NCLEX review book & CD-ROM that is probably on the market, and even graduated from the program w/honors. Guess what? I PASSED!!!! Also, 3 of my friends passed the NCLEX-PN exam with 85 questions and one passed after getting all 205.
  6. by   rrandle02
    I am DYING here! No one understands how stressed I am besides people who have taken the NCLEX already and the ones who are waiting on results! I just want someone to listen and not say any non-therapuetic pharses.LOL Thanks for all of you guys support! I will find out tommorrow morning if I pass or fail. I just have a strong faith that I passed. We will see..........
  7. by   aereo2002
    We all understand you, I passed at 85 questions and, like evereyone else, I came out of the testing center thinking that I had failed. In fact, one friend called me today in tears because she took the test this morning, and she is thinking that she failed it too.
    Think about this, if you what? retake it, and move on...I know nurses that have failed up to three times, and that is ok.
    My prayers are dedicated to you and all those who just took their tests recently, have faith.
  8. by   rrandle02
    [banana][mouse][evil][s]i Passed![/s][/evil][/mouse][/banana]
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rrandle02
    [banana][mouse][evil][s]i Passed![/s][/evil][/mouse][/banana]
  10. by   aereo2002
    You see, faith moves mountains
  11. by   swee2000
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    [banana][mouse][evil][s]i Passed![/s][/evil][/mouse][/banana]
  12. by   rrandle02
    Quote from aereo2002
    You see, faith moves mountains
    Yes it does! I am a for certaun believer now.
  13. by   Barbara7809
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