How I passed NCLEX different methods - page 2

Hi everyone! Great news I passed NCLEX on my first try as of this morning. Pearson Vue Trick approved! Then the FDOH site at 12pm today confirmed. WOOT WOOT! I'm an EMT, gone LPN, and now and... Read More

  1. by   Lilfeet
    Well done and thanks for the tips.
  2. by   shriju920
    I was panicking as I only have 2 mth time since i received my ATT to sit for exam. But going through your experience and plan for study I am more confident on myself now. CONGRATULATIONS for your success.
  3. by   oki_bebot
    Congrats!!! I'm hoping to pass my Nclex soon like all of you guys! I already have my ATT. It came out 1 week after my eligibility. I'm still thinking when should I schedule my exam.. I'm only half-way of my Saunders yet.
  4. by   aramis2121
    Thank you you have plenty of time. Just focus on your weaknesses!
    Good luck!
  5. by   aramis2121
    To oki_bebot:
    Try to give yourself enough time to cover everything but not too much time to slack off. I give myself the 2-3 weeks to give myself that little anxiety push to study. A little stress is ok! Cover the weak points for example mine is maternity. So I attacked that area first. Know your decelerations and etc that came up on my test. Good luck!
  6. by   oki_bebot
    Thank you so much! I really need some encouragements at this point.
  7. by   sirneu
    Congrats!!! This is the most helpful review I have ever came through...thank you and god bless you!!!
  8. by   dmak
    Yayyyy congratulations, and thank you sooo much for the advice, i'll be sure to use it next summer, now you have me pumped. My school is getting rid of ati and going to kaplan, right now i am not a fan of ati, to me their rationales are to vague. Thank you again
  9. by   oohlala88
    Congrats! Thank you so much for this . It's very detailed on what happened on your pre -during- post exam . It gives me motivation Thank You
  10. by   ShannonV
    Congratulations and thank you so much for of wishes to you!
  11. by   **guest2015**
    This is very encouraging! Thank You
  12. by   shay23cb
    Wow!! That was a great article!! I am only a first year nursing student now, but thoughts of NCLEX already weigh me down at times. I too struggle with ATI and often feel defeated by it, but your words of advice definitely help!! I liked the "C" stands for continue I was a straight A student while taking my pre-reqs but quickly realized that probably won't be the case now. I just wan't to get through this program with my sanity!! ha ha Good luck to you always and keep moving forward!
  13. by   deejhay
    Can i ask a question?
    How will I know if the Board of Registered Nursing in California received my application for NCLEX-RN I've sent and my transcript of record that sent from my school?