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hello once again to all of you out there! i am a strong beliver that prayer works so please on monday morning around 9am cst everyone get their praying in for me as i will be taking my nclex-rn for... Read More

  1. by   Paleobug
  2. by   BSNtobe2009

    I have seen several references on the board of how amazing Suzzanne4's program is, can someone give me the history of her program and how it came about?

  3. by   Tweety

    I had to smile at the Zanax comment.
  4. by   rainy scarlett
    Way to go!!!
  5. by   g_race
    Hi there! Congratulations Mrs RN!!!! I am very glad you made it. Now it's my time to seek for your help to pray for me even we may be in different part of the world. I'm from Philippines and will take exam next week ( the 29th) . Yes, I truly believe in the power of prayer because we can never just rely on our own strength and knowledge but needed God's hand to oversee us in every step of the way :-) God bless!
  6. by   guerrierdelion
    I wish you well this coming Monday and that you successfully pass the NCLEX examination this time. I took my first NCLEX examination this last Monday, the 20th-it stopped at the low 90's.
  7. by   guerrierdelion
    Oops! Belated congratulations to you!!