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I tested yesterday at Pearson Vue at 9 am.....pretty sure I failed. Shut off at 85 but I was starting to wonder if I got any right at all! No pharm calc questions, drugs I have never heard of and... Read More

  1. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oh, you passed. Drugs you've never heard of means they shunted you right through the easy questions to the really hard ones where you need to figure it out from drug name suffixes and lab values. And I'll bet you did.

    Go celebrate.
  2. by   AuntieRN
    My BON had my results posted before pearson vue did. I kept checking pearson vue and it kept saying I finally checked the BON 25 hours after I took my test and there it was!!
  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Wow congratulations guys!
  4. by   rags
    CONGRAT'S to both of you! I'll bet your sleeping good now. I finally passed the NCLEX in December after being absolutely SURE I had answered too many wrong and could only remember the bone head answers I made that I absolutely KNEW were wrong! I'm glad I don't have to do it again because I still can't figure out how I passed the darn thing!!! Those questions were VERY hard and in the end that is what you want to see. Dang it all anyway. Welcome to nursing!!!