Help! no results yet in CA

  1. How long does it take for CA to release the results? ive been waiting for 11 days now and still no word from BRN, im getting anxious i wanna keep my head up high coz i know some of the questions i answered correctly, ive got one innovative Q, no calculations and meds (which i knew i answered) and a lot of priority Q's! but still making me anxious! heeeeeellllllpppp!!!!! im going crazy!
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  3. by   Miss Mab
    Hi there

    I tried sending you a PM but it is wigging out so I'll tell you here. DONT worry too much yet---we are in CA remember? They are all messed up in Sac. People pass and fail three weeks and more after the test. i was VERY lucky and found out after only four days---and this was including a weekend--but I know this is not the norm. Our tests sounded pretty similar so maybe that is a good sign. But also, and I truly believed this when I was waiting---that test is wickedly designed and not, in my opinion, any true test of your abilities. It is a test of how you take tests. I am lucky and always did well with standardized tests. If i had failed, or if you really did, it is NOT the end of the world. It is a re-grouping time and time to enjoy the holidays. DONT freak out just yet. Also, have you called the board to make sure they have everything?
  4. by   suzanne4
    Are you sure that CA BON has received everything that they need? They will not notify you if anything is missing.

    Some will see their name posted on the License Verification on the BON website in about four days, it can take up to about four weeks for some. Each application is handled by a human, and a review done of the completed file by a human. Depends on how many took the exam your week, the size of the work load that the reviewer has.

    The only thing that you can check is if they have everything. It could be something as simple as there were no pictures submitted, or an issue with the Live Screen.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    In California it takes, on average, between 3 and 4 weeks before your test results are mailed to you. Unfortunately, the slowness of the results is directly related to budget cuts in this state.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Not true, it is tied in with how long that it takes schools to get final transripts to the BON. There is also a big difference in reporting for the RN, vs. the LVN, as both programs are handles completely different.

    With the LVN, you do not pay for the license until you have passed the NCLEX exam, for all others you pay before.
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  7. by   IntegRN
    Thanks guys, still no word yet from BRN, this is my 2nd try at Nclex, before, my results was mailed 3 weeks after i took the exam, im getting worried it may happen again, huhuhuhuhu! I am a foreign nurse, does the SSS # really helps a lot in finding your files for the results? because some of my classmates took the Nclex and passed but their names are not posted in the website, thanks again!
  8. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately, if you do not have a SSN#, you will not see your name posted on the CA BON website. You will only get a letter that you passed or did not pass. If you passed the letter will state that you meed all requirements of licensure, and have three years to get the SSN# to them.

    What did you use to prepare for the exam? And where did you attend school? And how long ago did you graduate?
  9. by   IntegRN
    Hi there suzanne. i attended school in the Philippines, i took the nursing program for 2 and half years, its my second degree, i took a review class in LA, global nursing review and Kaplan CD trainer, i enrolled in NCSBN too, it was a good review, and some of the questions in my actual test came out, not exactly the same, but the idea itself, and ms. suzanne, are meds questions be considered as a difficult question? still no word yet from BRN

  10. by   suzanne4
    Usually, med questions are not considered the more difficult. NCLEX is looking to see if you will practice as a safe nurse, they expect that you had medication exams, as well as math exams, in school. CGFNS still tests on those, but NCLEX not usually not.

    Where in CA are you located?
  11. by   IntegRN
    I see, thanks! im here in Cerritos CA, still no results yet, but ill hope for the best!
  12. by   IntegRN
    Yehey! I passed I passed I passed! Thanks 4 all the people who comforted me when i was going crazy witing for the results! Im so glad i passed, and those peeps who are getting the Nclex this month, Goodluck, be confident and dress nice on your big day! hahahaha!
  13. by   nithya1

    good to know that you passed :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: . I took my exam on 28th (monday) and i haven't seen my name yet on BON. I am from california too. I live nearby to cerritos on beach blvd.

    I have one quick question for you, did you had an ITIN # ????since you said that you don;t have SSN, bcoz I don't have SSN but i have submitted my ITIN (individual tax identification #). So i was curious to know if i can see my result online if i pass.

    Thanks and have fun
  14. by   Mommy2Maddy