Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

  1. Hi is their anyone out here that can answer this question. I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and I instantly froze up. As the test progressed, I was getting more and more of drug questions. I mean I got alot at least 20 in some form of the other.Is that excessive or unusual? i hear that more type of questions you were getting were the ones you were doing bad on but I'm upset because the test didn't seem to ask me hardly anything pertaining to actually hands on nursing. I got more "Nurse at a conference, what information should she give....", and risk factors for cancer,a ton of SATA. The minute I finished I was like I failed , I know I did because my questions were like seriuosly hard.A lot of MRSA,VRE precaution that had answers that didn't make any sense or appeared too simple. Now I'm a nervous wreck because I did really good in school and felt the test didn't ask about anything I actually am going to do or experience. I had one math,hardly any peds/ob or psych,.The questions wer alot of drugs i mean a TON of drugs.Can anyone tell me what's this means. I've already said I know I failed just to take the sting out of it and the next test can't be this bad.
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  3. by   Magsulfate
    All of this means..... (and hold on to your chair).... it means.. that you just took the nclex!!

    It is normal to feel this way. Now, go do something fun for a few days. Keep your mind off of the test results because no matter how hard you worry about all of this, the results will not come out until they come out.

    You cannot turn back the hands of time and re do your test. (unless you have to take it again of course) SO,, ,, , , , now, either you passed, or you didn't. Don't worry about it until you find out the results. Then come back and tell us how silly you were because you passed.
  4. by   katgirl46806
    I posted a thread similar to this but i don't know where it is lol im new to the board.But my question is is it normal to get a lot of drugs on the NCLEX-PN I mean honestly I got about at least 20 in some form of the other.Hardly any thing dealing directly with patients 1 math,hardly any OB/PEDS,or psych.I mean I got a lot of drugs!!Alot because I hear of you get a similar question over and over again you're not doing well. I'm convinced I failed because after a while whenever I saw a drug questions I froze up,got angry,anxious and frustrated.Got a ton of SATA,few questions about Addison's of all disease conditions. Alot of "If a nurse went to a conference...." and risk factors for such and such cancer. I mean the test felt more like a survey than anything.But my thing was alot of of drug questions I kid you not this was a much larger percentage than I anticipated. I feel upset because I did really well in school, on Saunders and to think that I might've flunked because of drugs I never ever even heard of and expected to know side effects. I also got a lot of MRSA and VRE questions that didn't make sense because the answers were too simple or didn't make sense at least to me.But it was the amount of drug questions!!!God I am so angry and even reisgned to the fact that I failed because the next one can't be that bad.I mean I know unequivically that I flunked. Give me lab values any time over drugs!How can they determine a nurse competency based on the questions that I had? I was expecting more delegation and priortizing which I got some, and what to do if such and such occured. I'm probably the rare poster that was more ****** off(excuse my language) at the test than devastated.Any advice?
  5. by   erandi
    I had the exact questions like yours.I had tons of meds, tons of SATA(about 10) one delegation, some prioritizations. I took mine on last monday. It was horrible. I got 91 questions and I passed. dont't think too much you will pass too. I cross my fingers for you. All the best
  6. by   cslxagRN
    I felt axactly the same after I took my NCLEX-RN. I was convinced that I failed, but I passed. Try not to think about it until you know the result.
  7. by   katgirl46806
    Thank you for the optimism but i sadly dont feel that way but ill wait and see it can go either way
  8. by   katgirl46806
    Thank you for replying and congratulations!!
  9. by   nminodob
    When I was preparing for the NCLEX RN I was told that SATA questions are higher order thinking and are a good indication you are aswering the lower level questions correctly
  10. by   MS.LPNOF215
    I kno how you feel trust me...i felt like that the first time i took my far as the drug questions im not so not gonna lie i failed my nclex the 1st time but i had to get back up and try again and i passed my second time you have to have of luck n i hoped u passed!
  11. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  12. by   NucieNuce
    I just took mine yesterday too!!!! It seemed alot easier then I'd thought it would be, but when my computer shut off my thoughts got kinda primative (like a monkey, I wanted to bang on the top of the computer). I didnt get nervous until now!!!!! I hope you passed and me too!!!
  13. by   redbuttrfly14
    well... i heard that the more questions you get and i mean hard questions like SATA questions, is a good sign because that means that you're competency is high. And as for the drugs, the board exam targets you on where you are weak, so if you get alot of drug questions, that means its just testing you if you really know drugs or not. But, i think you'll pass, just wait on your results. It's normal to feel anxiety after taking the NCLEX.
  14. by   NucieNuce
    Thanks redbuttfly14 I had ALOT of SATA questions I mean ALOT. You made my day!!