HELP!!! Getting INNOVATIVE questions: does it mean ur level of diffulty is going up?

  1. i'm a foreign nursing grad last 2005. i've already taken nle, ielts, cgfns and passed them in 1 take but i took nclex last aug. 17, 2006 and i was so scared coz my computer froze at 75 !!! i'm super scared if i passed it or not. can any1 who has passed nclex tell me what "diffult" means in nclex. i meant like what kind of questions do u guys think fall in the catergory??does prioritization fall there too?????


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  3. by   kathykaye
    we're on the same batch. i took the nclex last july1 and passed on my first try...

    alternate type of questions aren't always be in the high level questions. it really depends on the question. i also stopped at 75 and most of my questions are dealing with prioritization (with keywords such as first, most essential, most important, etc etc.)

    dont be scared... you've done your part and im pretty sure you prepared well so feel confident and relax.. keep yourself busy so you wont think of it and be bothered... just pray.

    keep us posted. good luck! god bless.
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  4. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, guys!
  5. by   boeyjen
    thanks kathy and eric umpiron: