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Hello everyone! This is crazy! I never thought I would have to take the NCLEX a third time! I have taken the NCSBN online review course, read the Kaplan review book, and did the Kaplan online... Read More

  1. by   *Graduate2010*
    I also just found out today that i failed nclex for the second time. First round i got 105 questions...second round i did kaplan complete review course and i got 265. I am so frustrated and have no idea what else to do Im loosing hope...
  2. by   TNnurse
    Taking the NCLEX is about the hardest thing that I have ever taken in my whole life!! I had a GREAT classmate that gave me a copy of NCLEX review questions (from a CD) that helped me pass. It is by Pearson Vue (the same company that writes the NCLEX) and almost everyone from my graduating class studied with it and passed. Our pass rate on the NCLEX-RN was 99% this year and I can say that studying with the Pearson Vue questions helped me. It gave questions and rationales and it is similar to the questions that the NCLEX were asking.

    Good Luck you guys and keep your chin up! Stay positive and PM me if you have more questions.
  3. by   olena
    please let me know where can I get Person Vue NCLEX questions?
    Kind regadrs.
  4. by   TNnurse
    Google in Prentice Hall's NCLEX-RN by Mary Ann Hogan (Pearson Vue) and there will be several websites where you can buy the CD. The one I have has over 5000 questions on it and I made myself practice about 200 questions a day before I took the NCLEX. Good Luck and keep me posted!
  5. by   olena
    Thank you very much for your help
  6. by   pro'goofball
    Quote from olena
    Thank you very much for your help

    I feel your pain as I failed too. I have yet to reschedule it but am starting fresh today. It took awhile for me to get back on the wagon. I failed it on the 3rd of this month and was soo depressed. But I am ready to tackle it. Let's keep in touch and give eachother encouragement and keep me posted on when you are taking it.
  7. by   pro'goofball
    Quote from delilas
    I preferred the Saunder's book as well. Kaplan had a lot of misleading info in it, IMHO.

    The biggest thing I have seen with my friends who failed NCLEX were they were reading too far into questions. For example:

    Which one of the following is more likely to encounter cancer of the throat?
    A) A farmer who smokes cigarettes.
    B) An auctioneer who chews tobacco and drinks a six pack each day.

    This was an actual question from one of our preparation exams we took, and best exemplified which of us passed and which didn't from "thinking too hard". Most chose B, which was correct. Those that thought too far into it believed the farmer "could" be exposed to pesticides and crop dusting and was therefore more at risk.

    This may not be you at all, and I don't want to make assumptions. But if you are reading a question and wander into the "well, this could be the case" then you are going too far.

    All the information you need is there for you. Assume you have everything you need at bedside. Don't assume information about patients in questions.

    Alternately, take a deep breath and believe in yourself! I hope the board gives you more sound information this time, but I'm sure you can do it!

    You just described me as I discovered that is exactly what I was doing wrong that led me to failing...I read way too far into the questions. I also doubted myself as I do in a lot of areas of my life, si I thought too hard about it, now I know to go with my gut and no second guess and change the answer. Thanks for you confirmation that I am not the only one who reads to far into it. I know you don't but seems like some friends/ classmates of yours did.
  8. by   erinrp
    Hello everyone, I am among those of you that have failed the Nclex RN. I took mine in july and am taking it agin next tuesday. I am a nervous wreck! I feel more prepared this time but still uneasy about it. I have used various sources to study this time and put alot more time in. I have read the kaplan book completely as well as all of the questions in book and on cd. I also have been using the saunders cd with 5000 questions.. I did the ncsbn course which was nice but i was unable to complete the last portion before it expired. I also purchased the lacharity priority book and have done several of the sections in that..(which i found to be much more difficult than any other questions ive done)..I would say on average i have been doing about 100-300 questions a day for 6 weeks..oh ya..i use the exam cram book for a quick reference to look up content and brush up on systems and things like that..not sure what else i can do at this point..i think im going to stop reading and just do questions for the next couple days..and not do a thing past saturday...then i cross my fingers until tuesday!! Any other advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!!! Good luck to all of you!!
  9. by   copademantequilla
    there is light at the end of the road...