HELP! 75?'s no math /anyone failed w/75?

  1. Ok I'm sorry for asking a question that has probably been asked before, but I AM FREAKING OUT!!! I just took the nclex, it shut off at 75 questions.Not a single math or that bad? I hear people say that "alot" of priority ?'s is a good thing...what is "alot"? I remember at least 7-8 for sure but could have been more...that just does not seem like "alot". I did tons of practice ?'s (saunders and ncsbn) but these ?'s were like nothing i've ever seen !!!

    My problem is that I feel like I didn't know anything FOR SURE. My husband is no help he graduated magna cum laude and never opened a book , so he thinks i'm nuts for having all of this anxiety. Has anyone failed with 75? I'm not trying to be negative I just want to be realistic...... thanks for listening......
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  3. by   Miss Mab
    Well, sorry i can't relive your anxiety. But, i just took the test on friday and had the exact situation. Shut off at 75 w/no math, no alternate/new format and a TON of priority. I'm in CA so there are no quick results and as of now the board's website is down ((.
    I'll be wishing you the best and let us know if you find out sooner than I do. I'm certainly curious as to the results of this unusual seeming set of questions...
  4. by   NurseMeg
    [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I had the same thing! I just took my boards about an hour ago. It shut off at 75 with no math and no alternate format questions. I did have lots of priority, minimal peds, a few meds, no lab questions, and that's all I remember right now. Fortunately, my state participates in the quick results so I'll know in 48 hours. eeek!
  5. by   SasRN
    I also did ncsbn and Saunders before my exam couple weeks math, one alternative, most priority. Stopped at 75 and passed. Just think positive, it will happen. SasRN
  6. by   Tweety
    Yes, people have failed with 75. If 75 meant an automatic pass there wouldn't be near the drama we have over the numbers. |

    It's a dreadful test that everone feels bad after their through taking. Relax. It's all over but the wait.

    Most people pass with 75, so the odds are in your favor.
  7. by   nursebetty74
    Well all that stress for nothing!!!!!!!! :hatparty: I PASSED!!!!:hatparty:
    thanks for the kind words!!!! I can't believe after years of spending every moment with a book in my hand I HAVE FREE TIME!!!!!!

    maybe i'll miss all the stress....

    thanks again!
  8. by   Miss Mab
    Congratulations!!!! Way to go....

    I have to say, since our tests sounded so similar it is giving me a little bit of hope. That said, however, perhaps you answered all those weird ones correctly and I didn't.

    I find a reason to love living in CA every day of my life---today just ain't one of them

    GREAT JOB!!!
  9. by   Miss Mab
    Guess what....I passed! Yay me

    CA definitely needs to fix their system---my boyfriend is congratulating himself for putting with me---he just doesn't get it....

    Wish the rest of the "waiters" the best of luck!
  10. by   BlessedbyGod

    And best wishes on a bright future in nursing!
  11. by   SmileyKC
    I'm going to be no help either, but I can say you are not alone. I just took mine yestday and I am a nevous wreck. We just have to stay positive. I got 75 question mostly priority, no math, and 1 alternative.

    I wish you and the rest who took the test the best. I will find out mine tomorrow...though for some reason I keep checking now just to see...


    oooooooopppppssss!!!! I'm sorrryyyy!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!
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  12. by   Tweety
    Good job! Congratulations!
  13. by   GrnHonu99
    Congrats all!!!!
  14. by   SmileyKC
    I PASSED!!!!!

    GOOD'll do great!!!