HELLP!!! i took the nclex today

  1. uhoh21: i need help ladies n gents... pleeeeeze!! i took my boards today and it shut off at 75 questions. im feeling like crap right now, when it shut off on me i wanted to rip the computer screen off the table and throw it at the person proctoring our test. a lot of people are saying you did well if you had a lot of "harder" questions.... what does this mean? i took the kaplan course and all the questions they had were analysis/application type questions. so what does an "easier," recall/comprehension (lower end) question look like? are they as simple as what is the normal value for sodium/potassium? what are the s/s of right/left heart failure?, because i did not see anything like that. i had a bunch of prioritizing, psych and precaution ?'s that were tough to answer. please help!!! i need some re assurance. thanks!
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  3. by   muffie
    time will tell

    take it easy and call your state board of nursing tomorrow
  4. by   rich2008
    I feel your angst. I took mine tuesday- mostly delegation, precuations, some psych, and meds i never heard of. at one point i felt i was struggling and a med calculation came up- i couldnt remeber what a microgram was! so i felt how can they pass me if i cant get a med calculation right. the only "easy" questions I got had to do with asthma and angina- only easy to me becuase i just did a paper on asthma and a presentation on angina.
    I cant tell you if you passed or failed, but i can tell you our tests sound similar, our feeligns are similar and i was convinced i fialed. I passed. I hope you do to.
    Lastly, if you can try to stop agonixing. I created so much self doubt and anxiety over the last 2 days I feel like I wasted two days of life.
    Hope anuthing i wrote helps- and forgive me of any typos.
  5. by   robmatic
    thx for the post.... that really made me feel a lot better. its just frustrating. i couldnt focus and i was just so anxious that it put out of my testing mode. but yeah i guess yer right, i cant do anything about it now.
  6. by   rich2008
    how long did the test take you? i was in there from 8:45 until 10:03. I am usually a fast test taker but this thing made me crazy. I kept checking results on the website even though they told me 48hrs- it was 48 hrs to the minute- once i saw i passed on pearson vue, i still didnt believe it and called the mass board of nursing anf the guy told me mu license number and said i was a qualified r.n. which i had doubts after taking that f'm test.
    people said to me- if it felt like a b*tch and u left feeling like crap after 75 questions, thennnnn its likely you passed- i hope you get ppsitive answers asap.
  7. by   saadia_s
    Relaxed girl. 75 question that is good sign most of the time.
  8. by   rich2008
    I think rob might be a guy.
  9. by   robmatic
    yup.... im a guy.... but yea rich.... i was there for about 2 hours. im praying and hoping that everything you guys are saying are right. now i just have to wait out 48 hours, but oh damn. im sure they dont do anything over the weekend so basically i have to wait until tuesday or wednesday next week... great... i probably will have pulled out all my hair by then!! thanks a million!!
  10. by   RN BSN 2009
    wishing you the best of luck
  11. by   robmatic
    thanks everyone for the reassurance.... im still feelin kinda down. i sure wish cali would participate in the quick results program. ill keep everyone posted
  12. by   whirlwind
    :hatparty: ul pass, rob!
    best of luck!!
  13. by   haven_RN
    Hi. I passed the NCLEX-RN last January with 75 questions also. My friends and I took the exam for about an hour and a half only (the three of us stopped at 75) , and left pearsonvue feeling like crap. I guess that's a normal reaction, after all, those were really hard questions. Lots of prioritization, delegation, and medications in alternate format... plus a bunch of computations. I guess all you can do right now is let go and let God. Everyone I knew (7 out of 7) who stopped with 75 questions did pass the exam. Hope that brings you the much needed reassurance. Goodluck and Godbless!
  14. by   robmatic
    thanks....took my test on thursday still no results on the bon....still praying and waiting.