guys I'm freaking out cos of NCLEX

  1. I took it yesterday (18 oct) in Texas, I'll check the quick result but my computer shut off after the question 77 I believe. It came after my heart stopped when I saw that nothing happened after question I heard many passed with 75 questions.
    Of course I am under the impression that I got 5 answers right...the rest of them...just guess.
    I couldn't sleep last night more than 3 hours, I have a baby 9 months old who is gonna wake up in an hour and I am all by take care of the baby. Normally the computer should say right away if you pass or fail. This is like torture and another way to get money from us with this quick result. We don't deserve this after so much hard work and stress. I've seen you are very supportive here. Sorry, needed to vent:spin:
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck

    Hang in there your results will be here soon, try and relax
  4. by   TxPonyChic
    Hi, In Texas you don't have to pay for quick results through Pearson Vue. If you pass your name will be on the BON website the second business day after you test!
    Click on verifications and fill in whichever method of searching you want to use. I took mine on the 16 at 9 am and thursday morning at 8 am it was on the website. Mine stopped at 76 and I was so relieved that it didn't go to 265 again, sheesh. I am sure you did fine. I know it's hard to say relax cuz u can't, but try. I will pray for you!
    God bless you and let us know how you did!
  5. by   asys
    Thank you for the reply, I still don't get it. Should I search under Verification & Licensing or where should I look?
    God bless you!
  6. by   asys
    Oh, I'm sorry TxPonyChic, you already told me to check under verification, soooo ...I am not there. Probably I didn't pass...I am still keeping my hope,
  7. by   Riburn3
    I also live in Texas and received my Quick Results from Pearson Vue and my lisence in the mail before the BON had my name on the website. I have had friends that have had their results posted the day after the test on the BON website, and I have had friends that it has taken a week+ to post. It does not mean that you failed as it seems totally random. Just wait for the quick results and keep your chin up, I'm sure you did well.
  8. by   asys
    TxPonyChic ,I'm sorry that in my hurry to check the result I forgot to CONGRATULATE YOU!!!! That's a BIG accomplishment!!!!
    Good luck in your career!!!
    Take care
  9. by   asys
    Thank you so much Riburn 3. That's so good to hear!!! Hopefully I'll pass, it's all I want right now. It's really a blessing to hear from you guys. Your words mean a lot to me at this hard time I have
    Hugs and all the best.
  10. by   asys
    i passed the exam, i am sooooooo happy!!! the result was on pearson on saturday, this was the second day after the exam.
    good luck to everyone and thank you so much for your support!
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    I can't wait to say I passed!!!
  13. by   Silverdragon102