guys i need your help.i failed nclex for d 2nd time.i'm depressed...huhu

  1. Hi im Jean ,24/f from san diego CA....I took my nclex exam last year and i failed! then last april 9 i try my luck for the second time and oh God ,I failed for the second time. I dont know what to do! I dont know where to depressed..
    Im shy for the people around me my family, friends they expected too much from me...

    i know...i know.... I need to take my exam again for the 3rd hard etc....but.................
    hmmmmmmm.......................................... .................................................. ...........................

    I dont know where to start. What books should I read? Saunders....Kaplan....should I attend Live review class? Is Hurst review ok? buy review CD? study online? I need help..Im confused right now. sometimes i ask myself is this profession is for me or not! Am i going to be a Registered Nurse?

    I need a piece of me please.....

    should I apply for a job related to nursing for now for example health care partner, NA while reviewing? Im stuck in this life......I am tired......,

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  3. by   caliotter3
    You can't give up. If you don't give up, you will pass. Finish with the feeling bad part and make a plan. Set a date to retake, then prepare as if you had never tested. Suggest you try the Saunders Comprehensive Review. You might want to try a live or online review if you can afford one. Then get to it. Keep on working at this and you will get it. Good luck.
  4. by   Evel76

    I just want you to think that you just did not passed the test that's all. You will failed if you quit now, but you have come so far to do that now.......... You decided to enrolled in school regardless of whatever problems came up while you were in school, you finished it!!!!!!!Now is just a test that keeps you from having a new life. The only advise i could give to you is try to think what really works for you, if it is to be in a classroom or studying by yourself.
    Just DO NOT QUIT, life is not easy but we need to figure out strategies to overcome any difficult time that comes with it...........

    I hope you get back up and program yourself to study and you will pass.................

    Good Luck:spin:
  5. by   jami2009
    Just wanted to let you know that I have too failed twice. I have two kids and my husband is deployed, but i still feel a lot of pressure and expectation from family and friends. Just want to let you know KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!! YOU WILL PASS AND YOU CAN DO IT. So, I have done KAPLAN AND SAUNDERS. Im now doing an ATI program. I will let you know how it turns out. I plan to test again in June or July. When it comes to studying you have to do what is best for you. How do you learn the best. Im now making flash cards and trying to strenghten my content. Both times i took the test i got 265 questions and was devasted when i found out i failed. You need to grieve and then tell yourself you got through nursing school and you can pass this test. STAY POSTIVE!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  6. by   rrj_01
    Thank you for the advice..,... God bless hope we can make it the 3rd time...
  7. by   nursekiz
    HI! I am sorry that u did not pass. I took the test yesterday so I cant give u any on how to pass because i dont know if i passed. But i will suggest that you just pray. Pray to ease your mind and lift your soul. I will pray for you also. You will get it the next time
  8. by   michelle02
    i feel the same way ... i graduated nov 2005 and the first time i took nclex rn was august 2006 ... last monday, april 27, i took it for the second time ... i felt like i have forgotten so many things already, but i studied really hard and followed suzzane's plan strictly ... i did not tell any of my friends or relatives, i only told my husband about my exam date, because i don't want too many pressure and expectations ... but i tried the pearsonvue web trick ... and i checked the ca brn ... i failed ... i have not received the mail yet ... but im sure that i failed ... i feel so depressed right now, because i feel so stupid ... i guess im the only person who failed using suzzane's plan ... so embarassing ... and my husband who's been very supportive and loving ... now we are in a fight (not because i failed, mainly just personal issues and financial problems) ... so i feel so alone right now ... i think im going crazy ... so depressing, so lonely ....

    i just wish i can take the exam again and again until i pass it ... without having to wait so long ... because maybe if i pass, then i can work and help my husband with financial problems ...

    i tried the pearsonvue web trick and it lets me go through the credit card payment page ... which means that i failed ... i want to click the confirm button, i don't care if they charge me $200, i just want to make sure that i can schedule and take my exam after they charge me ... why would they let me go through that page if i have to wait 45days to re-take the exam ???
  9. by   hdabre
    i feel your sadness. just don,t give up. God time is the best time.
  10. by   michelle.laree
    I graduated on April 3. Our school is not even fully accrediated because our pass rates are so low. I took the exam last Wednesday and passed.
    My technique: I crammed for 3 weeks. I used the Kaplan online course. I looked up all of the terms and information that I did not know from the Kaplan site. I went through hundreds of questions each day and read through 95% of their review book. I took their diagnostic test before hand and scored a 57% (not passing). 3 days before I took the test I scored a 71% on their readiness exam (If you score 60-65 they give you like a 90% chance of passing the NCLEX). Kaplan is very expensive but worth it.
  11. by   hdabre