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  1. Im not sure how the scores really matter. I passed the readiness test with 69, and did well on question trainers, but had a friend that scored low on readiness but passed her boards. Just make sure you feel confident in patho, medications, and precautions. Do you have test anxiety or need help with content? You can do it!!!!
  2. Hello, I took Kaplan and failed first time with 265 questions, so I decided to do Kaplan again and failed a second time at 265 questions. Then they didn't refund my money, because I took it the second time. I was frustrated and upset, so I enrolled in the ATI course. Highly recommend ATI, I passed third time with 75 questions. Talking to everyone I know that took ATI passed. I would recommend get your money back and take ATI. GOOD LUCK and stay postive you will pass!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I have too failed twice. I have two kids and my husband is deployed, but i still feel a lot of pressure and expectation from family and friends. Just want to let you know KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!! YOU WILL PASS AND YOU CAN DO IT. So, I have done KAPLAN AND SAUNDERS. Im now doing an ATI program. I will let you know how it turns out. I plan to test again in June or July. When it comes to studying you have to do what is best for you. How do you learn the best. Im now making flash cards and trying to strenghten my content. Both times i took the test i got 265 questions and was devasted when i found out i failed. You need to grieve and then tell yourself you got through nursing school and you can pass this test. STAY POSTIVE!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  4. Thanks for the advice. It just seems life is really hard. I have two kids and my husband is in Iraq. I really love workin at the hospital and know I can do this. Thank you
  5. HELLO, Well i will be taking my boards for the third time in June. The first time I used Kaplan. Let me tell you I think the scores dont mean anything. I did well on the Qbank, Question Trainer, and passed there test. I do know people who got low scores and didn't pass the Kaplan test, but they passed their boards. So, I have really bad test anxiety and took my boards the first time and got 265 questions and failed. The second time I studied the Saunders book and answered all the questions and felt more confident, so I got all 265 questions again and failed. I was devasted, but I have picked myself back up and now Im trying another program ATI. I will make sure I know more content and try again in June/July. Anyone have advice for anxiety please let me know i really need help with that!!!!