guys, i need ur opinion

  1. hi there! im done with saunders 3rd edition and i tried answering those questions.. i got 71% in the saunders test....i also finished kaplan trainer and i got 71% also..whew! some says that in order for u to be confident in the actual exam u need to get at least 75% in the pracice test! wow, im nervous now! il take the exam on april and we all know that they will raise the passing having test anxiety as early as now, u think im still normal??? pls let me know other tips or any reading materials to improve my scores....i need that....pls pray for me guys...hope u will find time giving me advices...:roll
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  3. by   Nurse Crystal
    hello! first off, calm down....:d
    i took the nclex almost 4 years ago and i used the saunders book and cd to prepare. i took the tests on the cd several times and i only scored in the 70s as you had said but i passed my boards. i don't think anything can really help you to prepare for boards because there are so many different times of questions.
    i also think that the key to doing well on the test is being relaxed. the night before my test, i drove close to the test site which was about an hour from my house and stayed in a motel room. i just relaxed and watched tv and did not even bring my study material with me. then the next morning i got up and went to the ihop before the test making sure that i allowed myself plenty of time as to not to have to rush getting there.
    don't stress about it too much, i am sure you will do fabulous!
  4. by   RGN1
    Just practice, practice & practice using the strategies. it's like a game - you have to work out what the question actually wants & how you're going to get that right answer. there are so many clues - all of which are well covered in both Saunders & Kaplan.

    Check out all the tips on this forum - there's plenty of them!
    You still have plenty of time!

    I totally agree about staying near to the test site - I did the same thing - best "Airmiles" I ever spent!!
  5. by   kathykaye
    60-65% and above is enough if you're using kaplan..
  6. by   gregorthorn
    I got a 64% on the Kaplan "readiness" test. I thought I was not ready. I took the NCLEX-RN two days after that (170 questions) and found out in another two days that I had passed. You sound as though you are going to do great. Good Luck.
  7. by   rhenmag9
    you can make it... ..just calm down and more practice....
  8. by   rn_888
    guys thanks so much...i will remember to stay calm and focus during the test...continue praying for me..