Guess I'll found out my NCLEX-RN results in 12 hours!! Can't sleep...

  1. I am soooo nervous. I'm anxious to FIND OUT the results, but I'm afraid of failing. I can't sleep right now. My mind is going about a mile a minute. Everyone thinks I passed, but WHAT IF I don't? I'm afraid of what the Quick Results will say if I DON'T pass. "Fail", "Did Not Pass", "Unsuccessful".. I have no idea what the non-passing statement would be, but I'm TERRIFIED of having it pop up on my computer screen in a few hours... Just thought I'd throw that out there to let anybody ELSE who is going through this at this very moment know that they are NOT alone. PRAY for me!!!:bowingpur
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  3. by   MuddaMia
    GO TO BED! You will need lots of rest for all the celebrating you are sure to be doing in about 11 hrs and 45 min!!!!!!!:hatparty:
  4. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    I'm trying to... I'm up at my parents' house right now so that I'll be with them when I get the results to either celebrate with me or support me if celebration happens to not be in order. I had the FULL 265 questions. I got the last one right and feel good about the last set of questions... I'm just thinking about the "what if". LORD I can't decide which is worse--the test or the waiting!!!! Thanks for the message. Makes me feel a little less stressed out!!! What was your NCLEX experience like???
  5. by   youknowho
    Be THANKFUL that you only have to wait 12 hours. I will probably have to wait 12 or more days.

    Good luck, keep us posted. :hatparty:
  6. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    I just moved here from the Bay Area a couple of years ago. My best friend lives in San Jo off of Blossom Hill. I miss it, but I'm GLAD I don't have to wait as long as you. I'll definitely keep you posted! You better let me know how you do, too!!! This is terrifying.
  7. by   zebkaiku
    Sending you *good vibes* =)