Finding practice NCLEX-RN tests

  1. I've studied nursing content & skills for a number of months. I now wish to start writing sample tests. Where can I find sample NCLEX-RN tests? Are there any online, CD-ROMs, or in paper? If I do the samples on CD-ROM or on paper, would it be much different from doing the actual CAT version at Pearson?
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  3. by   RGN1
    If you do a search here for "free Lippincott questions" you'll find a link to loads of practice questions that will help.

    Nothing can be quite like the exam but there is the Mosby on-line CAT test - which you can download from the internet for about $35 which is a good thing to do when you think you're ready for the real thing.

    Other than that many books have CD-Roms with them - I recommend Saunders & Kaplan because they help with answering strategies as well as just the questions.
  4. by   pookie120
    I used the Mosby CAT to practice and it gives a good indicator on your pass rate for NCLEX. This was my only study tool in preparing for the nclex.
  5. by   Snoopynurse
    How can I order this $35 Mosby online CAT? When I buy it, does it just give me access to the website and the 30-minute access to the test? When I looked at one bookselling website, it referred to a hardcover book? Is there anything like that?

    What would you do for the last 3 months before taking the test? Just doing practice tests, or practice tests with studying content? How much time would you spend (just before writing the test) on doing practice tests and questions?
  6. by   pookie120

    The mosby CAT is an online test. You go to the mosby site, choose your selection, and pay for it using a cc or debit card. After you pay, you will be given a test ID number and you choose your password. You can take unlimited test for 30days. To me, it was worth the money, b/c I didn't take a review class. You must decide the best way to prepare for yourself. I studied and read alot during school and I always tried to make sure I had a good concept of each area we tested in school....this being said, I graduated Dec 13, 2006 and was tired. I didn't want to study anymore....but I wanted to take the state boards asap. I feel that I was a strong student throughout the nursing program and that I was not going to learn anymore in 6 weeks by reviewing than what I didn't already know. Also, at the end of each semester we were given NLN exams and I always scored well. I decided to use mosby cat to gauge on if I was ready to sit for boards. Each time I took the test, the computer always stopped on 75 questions and I was always given a 94% probability of passing. I took eight of these test the week before boards and it built my confidence up each time. I sat for the state boards on 1/09, had 75 questions, waited 2 days and purchased the quick results, and found out I passed. Hope this helps.