Finally after 3 times (there is hope)

  1. So here is my story, and the reason I'm writing this is not to get praise for finally passing or a congratulatory pat on the back but for the down and out who think there's no hope. I have lurked on these boards for a long time. Since the first time I failed I came here looking for some hope. That someone out there understood what I was going through and that if someone else passed after failing there was hope for me yet.

    The first time I took the test was back in September; I had just graduated and was sure I could pass the test. I took a moderate amount of prep questions but also took a full time job as a graduate nurse so time was limited. I failed the test at 78 questions. I thought that was the end. I really felt like it was pointless and there was no hope. I took a little time and decided to tackle it again.

    The second time I took it was in January. At this point Christmas season was just getting over and my wife and I ushered in a new baby. Trying to juggle all that plus study was difficult but I felt that I was putting in good time. I took many practice tests. Studied and reviewed all the answers and went over my notes religiously. I failed at 275 questions. After that I spun out of control a little, got really depressed and kept coming to this web site. I would grasp at any post that said I PASSED three, four or on the fifth time. I truly believe that without the support of my wonderful family and the stories here I would have lost my mind.

    So for the third time I took the Kaplan review course, took all the questions but most importantly I STUDIED THE CONTENT. I went over the text book and made notes and quizzed myself on procedure and stupid content that I will probably never use. At this time my wife and I were closing on a new house so I thought for sure that I would fail again but I tried. I PASSED AT 75 questions. Like most I was sure I failed but was so relieved to finally be done.

    So for those lurkers out there looking for hope. Take a breath, make a plan and you CAN do it. Know that there are people here who feel like a failure just like you do but also know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and the feeling you get when you finally pass is the best feeling in the world

    Good luck
    Travis Cox
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  3. by   PEBBLES1
    Congrats to you. Your e-mail was touching, Thank GOD that you didn't give up and I commend you not giving up.
  4. by   determinedgal1
    congratulations!!!!! hard work and perseverance do pay off. the number of times is irrelevant and has no impact of the kind of nurse you're going to be. your thread was touching and will help lift others and offer encouragement to other test takers. good luck in your new profession and interviewing process.

  5. by   a_cal
    Congratulations!!!!! I have a question? Was the Kaplan review helpful in your sucessful passing of your NCLEX exam?
  6. by   caliotter3