Feeling really down

  1. Hi all i'm going to retest the end of this month after failing 3x. I am just so depressed and scared. I just seem to forget all after reading Saunders. I just don't know what to do and hate the way i'm feeling. It's been a year and i'm still in the same situation on trying to pass NCLEX. I gave it to God but my faith is so low. Can someone give some good advice on how to start or what I should do different this time. I wanna get Linda La Charity but my finances are way bad. I had my mom and my father n law to help pay for my test this time and I just don't wanna fail them.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Have a short break and then just practice questions and make sure to read the rationale and understand what it is the question is asking. If may be that you are feeling like this because you have overdo it a bit on the study. Give your brain a bit of a rest. Hang in there you can do it
  4. by   angelscentLVN
    Hi Jarlesha,

    Never feel down. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. I just took my NCLEX-RN last Saturday May 9... I am really nervous and anxious to know the result. I am from California that's why I need to wait for more days since we don't have quick results here. But I am trying to get it off my mind for now. And if I won't make it, I'll move forward immediately and try not to weep.

    I know it will be hard for me to speak for you because I am not in your shoes but then God is always there to listen and give you strength. NEVER ever forget HIM... He will guide you no matter what... In His time, you and I will be able to get through this tough stage...

    Good Luck on your upcoming NCLEX and I really hope you'll make it this time... As for my NCLEX, i also hope and pray hard that I made it, if not. There's still a next time... It is not yet my time to be an RN... :spin:
  5. by   RobbyRazor
    Hi Jarlesha

    Dont feel down and never give up. You and i are in the same boat. I failed 3x and going to retake at the end of the month or early next month. This time around i revamped my strategy doing my best to pull out all the stops. Try new styles of review you havent before. It may help you find the niche you needed all along. Perseverence and Determenation are key. Next time you take your test walk in to the test center like you RUN THE SHOW and walk out confident
  6. by   jarlesha
    Thank you guys, it's just after so many times you woulda guessed I had it. It frustrate me that i'm not getting it and have to spend all my time studying.
  7. by   VM85
    i havent taken them, so i cant give you any advise on the nclex, but i can encourage you to study your little heart out, take a NCLEX review course if you can, they may offer them at the school you went to previously!
    But i think the most important advise is to be confident- if you go in worrying about failing and dissappointing your family, your bound to fail.You need a clear and focused mind! Im sure your parents didnt give you the money with the stipulation that you had to pass it- so dont feel that way!Do this for yourself, try not to think of all of the people you have in your life, youve got enough pressure on your shoulders! Read up on positive thinking, it can get you to some amazing places!You know this stuff-you passed and graduated from school. Dont rush, really read the question, if you feel panic attack coming on, close your eyes and picture the question in your head- try to go back to school when you did that topic and see if you can picture the instructor going over it, take a deep breath, focus and make your best choice! You can do it, you already have the knowledge now you just have to believe!And GOODLUCK!!!!
  8. by   caliotter3
    Spend time on relaxation exercises and meditation along with your study. It will help you to clear your mind and relax while you study as well as when you are testing. Tell yourself that extreme emotions, despair and joy, can wait until you get your test results. Right now you need to concentrate on productive behavior. Good luck.