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I failed my NCLEX with 76 questions! i hated the exam, .. i really found the questions hard, but when i walked out of there, i honestly thought i passed, because i got so many sata questions , and... Read More

  1. by   uglykitty1
    can some one tell me what the pearson trickk is....i am freAKING OVER TEST
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from uglykitty1
    can some one tell me what the pearson trickk is....i am freAKING OVER TEST
    There is a big thread called 'Pearsonvue trick Is this true Does it work? and can be found at the moment on the first page of this forum. Plenty of information there about the trick
  3. by   jaenesa
    Dont give up I took the test 4 times I used the Saunders Book. It worked I finally passed. Trsut in God.
  4. by   2bNurse4life4ever
    Thanks, by the way Jaenese, i passed my exam on my second try with 75 questions!! I am so happy!! I just wanted to update this thread I have a whole new thread about how I passed and what I did its called " I passed the Nclex Rn on my second try. Please read to find out how!" .. I am very thankful to God , without His will , nothing can happen.
  5. by   Rks83
    I took the Nclex RN a week ago. I passed the test with 76 questions, I was convinced that I failed after taking the test. To prepare for the exam, I did roughly 200-75 questions from the lipincott book, and did an online hurst review course. But to be honest, I don't tink I needed to anything to prepare for the exam in retrospect bc i believe i still would've done the same without any studying. I did just graduate in June, so the content is somewhat fresh. The only thing preparing did for me was that I went in to take the test with some level of confidence but the content I studied in hurst etc didn't prepare me for the exam. Sorry guys, I know that doesn't help. Wish you all the best of luck!!!!!
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