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I graduated LPN school about 1 year ago and have taken the NCLEX exam twice and failed both times. I took the whole 200+ questions both times and haven't been able to pass. I need help. I graduated... Read More

  1. by   ajohnsonLVN
    Did you take the ATI test after you graduated, it's the "mock" NCLEX-PN exam. If you didn't, maybe you can see if you can take it. I believe it is administered through Kaplan. What is does is break down each area from Med-surg to pediatrics and gives you your percentage of how you scored as an individual and your national percentage. It helped me focus on my weak areas. I also used Sauders Comprehensive Review and Sauders Q & A. Good Luck
  2. by   AmyMarie
    I also used Sauders Comprehensive Review and Sauders Q & A. Good Luck[/quote]

    That is what I am using now , also the Nursing Education Consultants Nclex practice exam. How did the Q & A do for you? I have been on that one cd for a week now and I take my test NOV 4th. AmyMarie
  3. by   ajohnsonLVN
    That is what I am using now , also the Nursing Education Consultants Nclex practice exam. How did the Q & A do for you? I have been on that one cd for a week now and I take my test NOV 4th. AmyMarie[/quote]

    Honestly I didn't finish the Q & A... I burnt myself out by studying with the Saunders comprehensive. What I did after each chapter for the comprehensive, I typed each chapter up in my I had a stake of papers. Instead of carrying around that heavy book, I had my summarized notes. I felt the Q & A was very repetitive of what was in the comprehensive book and CD, but that may work for some people... I still recommend both books though:wink2:
  4. by   richieanne
    I just recently passed my NCLEX-PN in July 2005. I am originally licensed in Canada. My exam stopped on the 85th question regarding diabetes. I suggest you study diabetes, renal failure and contents, even Guillane-Barre syndrome as I have about 4 to 5 questions about it. My advice is to study Saunders instead of Mosby since the latter is very complicated and Saunders is straight forward. Just relax and do not forget to ask the Higher Power for assistance during the exam. God Bless.
  5. by   Jolie
    I am always surprised on these threads that no one recommends going back to the school from which the candidate graduated and asking for help.

    After all, they took your tuition money, passed you thru their classes, and conferred a diploma upon you. But you obviously were not properly prepared for your licensing exam. That may have been because of poor academic preparation, poor test-taking skills, failure to address test anxiety, or any number of reasons.

    I would contact the program director and share your circumstances with him/her. Discuss what you have done to prepare for NCXLEX each time, and what your results have been. Request help (at no further expense to you) in preparing for your next test date. Cordially remind them that your failures affect their pass rate, and reflect on their program.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Tsunshine
    Quote from KLPNNEW
    Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth... don't change any answers think, take two answers away from your choices and then go with your gut and instincts. That is what I did when I went in and took my NCLEX PN and it paid off... Study Guide I used our school gave us th NCLEX PN Comprehensive book which is RED, and then I went out and spent $30.00 on Saunders Question and Answer which is BLUE, I read the blue one from front to back, I really think it helped me. Good LUCK PS I say a prayer for you!
    What does the Blue book have in it, that the red book doesn't? Please help I am a LPN student 4 months in and I am having trouble with the critical thinking.(NPPI). Can you give me some advice on test taking tips or a book of some type.
    Thanks T
  7. by   Dewdewy
    HI, I took the test on Monday with 205 questions and failed, can anyone tell me if they ever heard or used the Hurst Review or The one called
    coaching the NCLEX by Just curious if anyone has tried these or know anything about them.

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  8. by   cindyRN 2006
    I am so sorry, Is it the test anxiety or do you feel unprepared? If it is a mental thing than maybe you just need to walk through it in your mind and realize that its not so bad and that you can get through it. I think when I took my boards that getting over the initial anxiety of taking boards was 3/4 the battle. IF you think about it you hear about taking boards from the time you consider becoming a nurse, you hear how hard they are and how the pass rates are so bad and on and on. It is hard to not get involved with all that hype and freak when you get there to take the test. If you feel that you are not passing because you lack the knowledge then I would recommend Saunders 2nd edition NCLEX-PN. (It worked for me) I would recommend that you go buy the book tomorrow and start working through the short tests, this will tell you your weak areas then focus at least 1 hour (in 20 minute intervals) studying each night. When it is one week pretest then drop down to 30 minutes per day. The night before the test RELAX, go to bed at your normal time but go out have a relaxing dinner with whom ever in your life is calming to you and RELAX. You have the brains or you would not have made it through your practical nursing year. Remember alot of what you are going through might be a mind set. You have to talk positive to yourself and know that you can do it.
  9. by   mnyapala
    sorry to hear about you failing the boards.anyway i was there too and i know how it feels.please if you havent taken those boards and only if you have recieved tha copy from your boards promise any miracles but your determination and sacrifice will help you.ill email me a statregy that you will have to follow and with discpline youll pass.God Bless and have faith youll do fine
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  10. by   ernursen
    Remember your ABCs. When in doubt, look to those first. Works every time. Good Luck
  11. by   flamingopink
    I was also wondering about the Hurst review? I was an RN student who didnt pass HESI so I am taking LVN boards. I know its the same material but I honestly dont know where to focus. A friend of mine, thats an LVN ,says its more skills. Has anyone used HURST if so what do you think?
  12. by   ernursen
    I used Saunders I believe (it was a long time ago). But what a bunch of us did was use the cards and play trivial pursuit with them. Each color a subject...worked out perfect and we had fun while we learned.
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