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  1. nursemomruns

    what to expect as new faculty?

    It all depends on which school you are teaching for. I taught for a school in Indiana that was just starting a program at a satellite campus. It was a horrible experience. Look at who your program chair/department head is, his or her qualifications and experience, etc., then make your decision. Good luck!
  2. nursemomruns

    PHS pay rates in Alabama

    CMS just got the contract for Alabama. I am an HSA with them. Don't do it with them! PHS was here before CMS took over and I hear it was a much smoother operation. I am not sure about the pay in Alabama, because every state is different, but in my state, it is terrible for the HSA.
  3. It's usually within a year of the RN.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. The shortage isn't due to the increasing passing standards. It is due to a lack of instructors. The boards of nursing are the ones who decide if the passing standard gets raised based on research. Practice studies are conducted with new grads every few years and based on what the new grads say they are doing, the NCLEX passing standards are changed. The way they make this determination is based on sound test development theory. If new grads are being expected to practice at a higher level, then leaving the passing standard as it is WILL lower our standards of entry level practice.
  5. nursemomruns

    NCLEX urban legends

    I would add that no certain state has a harder or easier exam than any other state. Candidates used to call in all the time saying they heard such-n-such state had the hardest exam, or such-n-such state had the easiest exam.
  6. nursemomruns

    NCLEX urban legends

    I did work for them, and you're right - it's bunk
  7. nursemomruns

    Question about how to do math for NCLEX

    raremoon is right. There will be instructions that tell you how many decimal places to use. If you put in too many decimal places you will get a prompt to use the correct number of decimal places.
  8. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    This information was very good. Just one thing, though: There are about 10,000 questions available for the RN exam and about 8500 available for the PN exam at any given time. Dr. Julian doesn't work for NCSBN so she wouldn't have known that.
  9. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    Math questions are not a test plan category, so no, you don't have to have 5%-11% of your exam by math questions.
  10. nursemomruns

    are "select all" questions the upper level type?

  11. Generally, the priority questions are harder, but remember: Priority questions are at a higher cognitive level, but not necessarily more difficult. It all depends on how they test out psychometrically. For example, if you have to choose who you are going to see first, someone with a fish hook in his finger, or someone having symptoms of an MI, that is a pretty easy question, isn't it? If you have to choose between an unconscious 3 year old and someone having symptoms of an MI, that is a little more difficult.
  12. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    I hope I can help you First, the computer doesn't decide if you are competent. The computer merely delivers questions and performs calculations based on the test plan and programming it has been given. The passing standard is determined by the member boards of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The member boards are all of the state boards of nursing, plus the boards of nursing from the US territories. The member boards get together and decide what the passing standard should be. They make this decision using alot of information, including practice analyses, literature reviews, and expert judgment. You have to answer questions at a difficulty to get you above the passing standard until you have answered enough questions to determine with 95% accuracy that you are at a level to competently practice nursing. So, when you begin the exam, you get a random question from a test pool. If you answer correctly, you get a more difficult question. If you answer incorrectly, you get a little bit easier question. If you are answering easy questions consistently, you are going to fail. Keep in mind though, that the questions are easy or hard based on how candidates performed on the items during pretesting. Easy or hard is not based on anyone's opinion. There is a link at ncsbn.org that has a powerpoint demo you can watch. Go to the website, click on testing department, then psychometrics and then FAQs. My kids compare the scoring to a video game. You have to get to a certain level in the game before you get "the good stuff." If you stay at the lower levels, you don't get the stars, or army men, or whatever. Once you get to a higher level, you get the bonuses. The scoring is done using statistical formulas, logarithims, and other psychometric methods. You don't even want to try to work them out, unless you really like statistics. If you go, let me know and I will refer you to a good book on logistic regression.
  13. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    It is not true at all. The passing standard is the same for all of the states. The questions come from the same pool. Many years ago, before NCLEX was computerized, some states had a higher passing standard than others. That may be why you were thinking NY was harder. But now, it is the same for every state.
  14. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    No, that is not true.
  15. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    Your school has a high pass rate because they do a good job of preparing students for nursing practice. You did well when you were there, so you must have learned the material. Have faith in yourself and remember...the odds of passing are in your favor!
  16. nursemomruns

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    The test is the same regardless of your degree. The exam is designed to assess competency for entry level nursing practice. This may interest you: the statistics that came out in October 2005, show that the BSN candidates have a lower pass rate than Associate Degree and Diploma grads. For the Diploma grads, it was 88.4%, for the AD grads, it was 85.3%, and for the BSN grads, it was 84.8%.