Failed NCLEX!!! Im so discouraged

  1. I cant believe it. I failed the nclex and now i have to go through the stress and turmoil of doing it again. i am starting to formulate a plan for doing it again but i have a few concerns about other aspecs of post failure life.

    I have some financial concerns that were relying on the passing of my nclex. what can i do? i was working as a Nursing Technician during school but that is expired now and i cannot renew it. what about an LPN? is it difficult to get that licencure? im just really stressed now and i dont know what im going to do.
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  3. by   zebkaiku
    It is just another obstacle that you have to overcome. Nursing school had plenty of challenges that you have already beat, take time to relax, refocus, and then achieve. You can do it, plenty of others have.
  4. by   miss_cy
    please fellow nurse dnt be discouraged. i am also on the same situation, i didnt make it in the nclex rn last dec 2006, and yes its really tragic. crying asking questions why ,how didnt i make it..everything, i felt so low and small but you knw wat. thats is normal, all of us go thru the same feeling and the best thing i realized i cud do, is to lay everything to fears of wat will happen now..(i had that feeling of im lost!), my troubles, the hurt it caused... everthing went inside my head again, the time i reviewed until the date wen i took the nclex in hongkong..i said to myself..its over and i dnt want to live a life stucked in my room crying because i didnt make it when theres always a chance to pass it! i encourage you my friend..yes we have plans, i had plans for my nclex but it turned out that its not god's plan. im not saying that i feel like he doesnt want me to take the exam thats why he allowed that tragic thing to happen.. i knw you are well prepared, your knowledgeable anything under the sun when it comes to nursing but its the timing..god's timing who made the passers passed the nclex on the right perfect time. lets do our part, never give up, review, practice tests, ask for help if ur needy, and god will do the most important part. to put you in the right time where you will pass the nclex. 100% hard work isnt enuff. trusting god makes the hard work 100%. without it its just a plain work that is hard.
    greater things will happen if we are in the darkest than d dawn of the night. just trust god.:spin: