Failed nclex for the 1st time

  1. Hello everyone. So I want to talk a little bit of my nclex experience. It shut off at 95 and I walked out of there knowing I completely bombed it. I felt like I knew most of the content that was given to me but was lacking test taking strategies. The nclex is not black and white and it's not going to give you what you're looking for. During the exam, I would either narrow it down to 2 answers or could not for the life of me choose the best answer at all. It could also have been anxiety/nerves as I couldn't sleep the night before and felt like my heart was about to pop out of my chest, plus I had no appetite before I took the exam. I only used Uworld and Mark Klimek. Although I should of went over Mark K.'s audios twice as I started forgetting his tips. I was averaging around a 56% on Uworld and had a very high/high chance of passing on both assessments. I have done all the Uworld questions. Maybe I need to try another program like Kaplan? What are your suggestions?
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  3. by   belle980
    So sorry to hear this. But since you said you got very high chance of passing nclex on Uworld, I think that nerves got to you and that you actually know the material. I would suggest that you continue to do practice questions, and to go back over the questions that you struggled with on Uworld. And definitely relax your brain a day or 2 before you take it again! You'll be ok.
  4. by   jtboy29
    I would consider Hurst for content, strategies, and questions there's a reason why Hurst is a popular NCLEX Prep Course. When I was studying I began to understand "why" I was selecting an answer. The NCLEX itself is going to appear like it's all over the place and it did my first two attempts at my NCLEX PN but the third attempt even though going the whole 205 questions I felt like doing Hurst paid off greatly. I was doing questions until the day before and even the morning of my exam so that I can get into exam taking mode not the right way to do it or even spike up the anxiety/nerves but I wanted it to be my final attempt taking the NCLEX PN. Several factors went into why I failed the first two attempts mostly because I didn't bother to review core content and was just answering practice questions and reading rationales.
  5. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @ Bevy8733: Sorry to hear, but don't be discouraged, it happens. Now that you were exposed to the exam, you know exactly how to approach it the next time. Don't wait too long to retake it, but at the same token, make sure you're ready as well.
    It takes a lot of strength to go back and study, but you can do it...the longer you wait the more you lose information that you studied and have to start all over again. You are closer than you think, hang in there, and go over Uworld again. Also, if you have trouble understanding something, youtube is great in explanation. Take got this @ Bevy8733
  6. by   spreadsatori
    It was definitely NERVES! You know your content. Just need to breath through the exam and take your time with the questions. How many questions in total did you do?