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  1. FAILED NCLEX AGAIN, This was my 3rd time first time 87 2nd time 107 3rd time 265 i thought i realy had a chance this time. Im so ashamed surely i should pass out of 3x. im thinking of going into another profession maybe this isnt for me after all. What do you all think
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  3. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from Maltese2000
    FAILED NCLEX AGAIN, This was my 3rd time first time 87 2nd time 107 3rd time 265 i thought i realy had a chance this time. Im so ashamed surely i should pass out of 3x. im thinking of going into another profession maybe this isnt for me after all. What do you all think
    I know it's easier said than done, but continue to study and try again. Maybe take some time for yourself first. I don't think you should give up though.

  4. by   unknown99
    Do not give up!!! You made it through nursing school, so that shows you that you can do it. I failed the first time. Then I bought 2 NCLEX items:
    1. Springhouse RN NCLEX software disc, it has 3000 questions, and I found that they are very similar to the ones on the boards.
    2. A book called NCLEX-RN 101: How to Pass
    By Sylvia Rayfield and Loretta Manning.
    It is different than any other NCLEX book. It reteaches you how to "think" like an RN.

    I totally believe that these 2 items are what helped me pass the 2nd time.
  5. by   luilui_604
    the results of the test has absolutely no relevance to your ability to give good nursing care to sick patients! its just a standardized test that everyone has to go through....your perseverance will inspire other nurses in the same position...i'll be writing my exam jan 20th and NO exam is going to dictate my ability to care for my patients....

    if you dont' succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN...and this statement holds true if nursing is truly what you want to do!

    i hope you will reconsider, we need nurses like you!
  6. by   dansamy
    I haven't taken NCLEX yet, as I'm still a student. However, I think a lot of my fellow students' problems stem from their "style" of thinking. You must not simply possess a fountain of knowledge. You must be able to apply it in a practical situation. I think, having had 3x at NCLEX already, that the above suggestion for reteaching you a "nursing"-style thought process might be the best suggestion.
  7. by   nursy2b
    Take a sec to realize what you really want...Do you want to give up on a dream? Do you give up easily? I have failed 4 times...I refuse to give up my dream!!!! I dont want to hear that you have decided to go into another profession...Its not a have made it this far....Just think about when you finally do pass, how great will that feel...and at that point noone will ever ask how many times it took to pass (unless you choose to tell them)...So, please , relax , take a break, re-focus...and try a new approach...Me, I am going to try the ncsbn online thing that is 49$...If you would like to personally IM me....or email give up!!!!!!!!
  8. by   nursy2b the way...I got 265 all 4 frustrating is that!!!!!!
  9. by   NCLEX_CareBear
    Don't give up! It took me 3 times to pass the NCLEX-RN. After I failed the second time, I wanted to give up...I thought...maybe I'm not meant to be a nurse. But many people told me that what is standing between me and becoming a RN is this exam. Are you going to let this exam stand in the way??? I attended 4 years of nursing school...I'm definitely not going to let this exam get in the way! I hope you won't either.

    Below are the resources I used to prep for the NCLEX:
    - Princeton Review: Cracking the NCLEX-RN (A good review book...with some very helpful hints)
    - (I did the free weekly question that is posted on the site)
    - (The Discussion Forum...It's nice talking to other people who are in the same boat)
    - Lippincott: NCLEX-RN Review 7th edition (this book has 5000+ questions)
    - Kaplan: NCLEX-RN 2003-2004 edition (this book has some test taking strategies)
    - PRAYER!!!

    You had 265 questions this time. That means you are very close to passing! Please don't give up! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    CareBear : )
  10. by   Jo Dirt
    The nursing profession needs you. My mom told me on the phone last night that AR nursing schools only graduated 700 nurses last year and they need more than twice that many every year.
    If I have to take the NCLEX 10 times I won't give up. You shouldn't either. It is just a matter of your choosing the answer 'they' want you to choose, you've got to figure out how to play their game. Don't give up!
  11. by   carvanaragon
    things had been said. DONT QUIT. it is really frustrating to fail in any endeavour. Sit back, relax and recollect. ask yourself what could have been your waterloo. try to change some of your review and test taking strategies which didnt work.

    i took my nclex the first time last 30 nov, it was tough. the computer stopped at 76. i was fortunate i passed. i read kaplans 2003 review which included test taking strategies and practice test questions. and the Mosby's comprehensive review. First, i read the book and did a pencil and paper test at the end of each section. i checked my answers and got percentage of right answers, then reviewed the rationale at each end of the test whether i got it right or wrong. i analyzed what made my answer wrong and referred back to the text for further clarification. afterwhich, i took tutorial lessons portion with the CD, analyzed the rationale again. i bookmarked the questions i wanted to get back to and reviewed them before i finally took my mock test . at each end of the tests, i reviewed the percentage of my right answers and compared to the results of my pencil and paper test. then i determined where my weakpoints are. Although, there were no exactly phrased questions in the NCLEX that i remember lifted from Mosby, the principles i learned from it helped me a lot. i started my review when i arrived in California last 5 Oct, i took the exam 30 Nov.

    on the day of the exam, make sure you had a full breakfast at least 2-3 hours before your sheduled exam. make sure all the things u need are ready. just before entering the exam room, make sure you had emptied your bladder. distractions sometimes play an important role. when taking the exam, read the questions carefully and analyze, dont rush in answering. the time alotted is so much. take a 10 to 15 minute break in between 2 hours of examination to allow brain and body to rest.

    if i may reiterate final words of desiderata, REST IF U MUST BUT DONT QUIT.
    a lot of nurses did it, you can do it too.
  12. by   mswbsnrn2b
    Ok I going to say this ..... I have fail the nclex more then 3 time. I never pass and now I would like to take the test and pass. I grad in 1999 and do anyone know of a good alive program. I know info and work well what I do. (outreach and bereavment counselor) But I would like my RN to go with my master I studing. The last time I took the test my father was dying and they stated I had to take the test or loss the money. As you see I did not pass plus I was dx with hypothyroidism which was affecting my brain. Can anyone help me.
  13. by   mswbsnrn2b
    Also I am now on medication but would like to started studying for the test. Help anyone out there tonight
  14. by   NeoNurseTX
    Don't let nursing school go to waste!! It's already obvious you are determined to get this test out of the way-- keep trying!