1. We take our ERI exit a week from Thursday. Has any one took it yet? We have to make a 59 to pass.. Any study tips please. I normally don't to too good on them but I have passed the past ones help please!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you have passed before, I wouldn't get too stressed, just review until the test and relax. Good luck.
  4. by   oguesswhat
    Is that the RN Assess one? That's the only test we were told we had to get a certain grade on (67 I think) Anyways it's annoying. Just like the others Do you have a couple tries? We had 2 times to take it. I think it was about half and half who had to retake.
  5. by   warmc1
    i had to take it in school to graduate, passed the 1st time. it's not that bad. probably harder than the boards, but the boards are more stressful!!!
  6. by   culpepper1
    we took it and ur lucky cause we had to have a64 on keystone d and the other and 72 but i pass the second time with a 78 on keystone d its very diffrent and nothig like nclex but i guess if u can pass that then u can pass the nclex. Good Luck
  7. by   bloree07
    What best prepared you for it?
  8. by   warmc1
    i didn't even study for it and i was by no means considered a great student and i passed. it is just common stuff that u know, that u have learned, nothing too bad.
  9. by   culpepper1
    i agree its just worded crazy !