encouragement needed for nclex!

  1. hello all,
    i am in need of some encouragement. i will be taking the nclex for the 3rd time in 45 days, and i don't know what to do. the first time i just did questions and that didn't work, this time i studies saunders and that didn't work. does anyone have any suggestions for me for this time? i felt really good when i left the test, but i totally bombed it. please help!!
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  3. by   mackendrea24
    i suggest buying the prioritization delegation & assignment : practice exercises for medical-surgical nursing by lacharity, i also did saunder's comprehensive nursing,..this was my second try..also take some note and read the rationales carefully and understanding why it is the correct answer..i aslo did 100q's a day..i studied for 4 weeks i hope this helps!
  4. by   sarmike1
    I am waiting for my results but the pearson book was the way I went it is the 2008 ed, the CD has a study section and does rationale after every ?. I hope this helps.

    Good Luck You are going to do fine remeber 3rd time is the charm!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Do not rush to resit the exam, prepare properly and keep practising questions, understand what it is being asked and read the rationales
  6. by   Evel76
    hello mcksmom

    well i just wanted to advised you not to forget your nursing book, you need to be able to know the content in order to understand what they are asking. When you are doing questions if there is something you dont know write it down and look it up, everything that you bump into that you dont remember look it up. Dont give up, you will make it, just be consistent with your study time and believe in yourself, you finished nursing school so thats a major goal you were able to obtained and now you just have a test to pass and you will be on the road to a great career....... just believe.......... Good luck nurse, (ps: you are already a nurse, you just need your licensed ok)

  7. by   gillytook
    I know the are expensive, but have you thought of a review class such as Kaplan or Hurst?
  8. by   mcksmom
    i have been comparing 3 different online reviews: ATI, Hurst, and Kaplan-because there are none around me that i can go to. can anyone tell me what they think of any of these programs?