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I realize that many people love to share their tips, tricks or notes that helped with the NCLEX (or TEAS or whatnot), but this is a PUBLIC forum, and a great place for spammers to collect e-mail... Read More

  1. by   sharpeimom
    I have four different email addresses. One is the one Facebook gave me when I opened the account. I have a second account I use for
    all the MANY pictures, facts, letters, "interesting" articles my 93 year old aunt who has early dementia sends me throughout every day. She just got a computer and a digital camera and she's having a ball, but... The third account was set up to hold the junk, spam, ads from ??, my credit card and store card accounts, and an email to give when some site online asks for it. If I don't know you very well, this is the email I'll give you. For relatives and close friends, I give out the email to the last address.

    Keeps me safer and lowers the frustration.
  2. by   RunBabyRN
    Because it bears repeating...