dont know my results

  1. im so worried .. well now its getting to me becuz i took the nclex on the 21st. the address where i am getting it sent.. theres no mail being sent to that place anymore and im in ca.. agggh.. does neone know what i should do. im so worried. i cant even check the mail becuz my parents are moving out of that house.. and im worried. it will be 2 weeks this thursday.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Can't they go to the post office and request that the mail be forwarded to a new address?
  4. by   NCVegRN
    You can actually do mail forwarding through usps online. It costs $1 and you can set it up for just your name. Then your parents mail can go where they want it.

    Also, I took my exam this week and am moving Friday. I emailed my BON and did an address change - so they will mail my results/license to my new address directly. Sometimes forwarding mail can take a while and I don't want to go insane any longer than needed.

    I know how hard the waiting is - good luck!
  5. by   Jules A
    I'd definitely want to track down my physical license but as for the results, can't you go on the bon's website?