Did not pass Nclex-PN - page 2

It's true. I got my thick envelop about an hour ago. I've called and cried and yelled at 3 of my loved ones. I'm very disappointed in myself however I'm going to take it again. So Im not going to... Read More

  1. by   flip831
    Im sorry to hear that you didn't pass the first time taking your NCLEX, Caligirl. Im waiting for my results from the VN boards. I can relate to how you feel because I feel like I didn't pass either... Pick yourself up... and study hard... smile.. and say to yourself "I will pass".
  2. by   FLORIDA2006
    I want to tell you that you will do it!! I also have taken rnclex and failed my first time ,, Flipped out that day wanted to hide and never come out felt weak and worthless,, but then as the days pass I realize I can do two things go get what I want or sit down and feel sorry for myself ? but I have found positive people here and now I have become a study buddy with one of them even though we are far way from each other... and we are going to get through this we really are!! never ever give up, God will get you there when it the right time for you, but it must be his will not ours, pray be patient, you cant go wrong wanting to be a nurse how can you? all you want to do is help others , so do you think that god doesnt want you to pass ? , its the man with the horns that comes in the room with us when we sit down, he doesnt want us to pick the right answers he wants us to pick the wrong answers...he always has to try to get us at our weak moments, so listen you will make it you will!! good luck and I will say a prayer for you and this whole forum because we all deserve it!!!!!!!!!