Did anyone fail without having any math questions? - page 2

Just curious.....I've heard that the math calculation questions are usually supposed to be considered a lower level question, therefore, alot of people think they may have done well if they did not... Read More

  1. by   cesarrodri
    Hi ,

    I've got a colleague from Brazil where I live who sat for the NCLEX-RN in FL and he told me that although he did not have any Math questions he did well when he reached 130 questions. I suppose it just depends on how lucky you're on the day.

  2. by   Jazzy_nurse_SF
    Is it true that math questions are considered lower level? Or if you continue to get math incorrect that you end up being below the passing line? I got 5 math, wasn't happy about it. abunch of priority and infection control and 11 SATA's. I am still waiting from july 2nd.
  3. by   suzanne4
    There is just no way to second guess the results of the exam. Depends on the level of the math questions first of all in even attempting to determine what level that they are at.

    I would just wait until you get your official results, best of luck to you.