December Grads Let's the NCLEX preparation begins!!!!!!

  1. Hey guys and gals. I just took my 8 hours (yup eight hours) written comp this week. Now I'm officially a graduated nurse. It has been two long years but I enjoy most of it (well sort of...except for those skill comp and care plans). I'm not sure about you december grads out there but I have already started studying for the board. To help me tackle the moster, I purchased Kaplan and Saunder comprehensive reviews so hopefully I can add the new initial to my name. I sent in my application a month ago so hopefully I will get my IP and ATT asap. I can't wait......Let's the preparation begins
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Jake, I suggest that you use the Saunders............great news to hear that you finished.

  4. by   HyperRNRachel
    I bought Saunders Third Edition and I have done well on the test (even without a review) but I got scared at the last minute and signed up for the Kaplan review. I am thinking of the Kaplan review as a form of insurance. I have done well on all of my HESI exams (always scored above 94%), but there is that need to cover all my bases so that I do not look back and kick myself for not taking the review. I really wish I had the confidence to not do the review because the of the dates and I really do not feel the need to sit in a classroom for 8 hours, 4 days in a row. All of these issues and I have not even taken my finals, they are next week....all four of them. Graduation is Thursday night at 7:00 and at this point, after all the classes and endless hours of studying, it almost seems anticlimactic.

    How long should it take to get the ATT once the dean sends in the final paper work?


    P.S. Congradulations to you for completing your program and best wishes on the NCLEX.
  5. by   HyperRNRachel
    Another question? How do I get past the feelings of throwing up everytime I think about taking the NCLEX? Does it go away? What if you need to vomit while taking the test?
  6. by   suzanne4
    Every one is scared before the exam, this is very normal. And if you need to leave the testing room to go to the bathroom, then that is what you will do.

    How many questions have you done from the Saunder's book? You should have at least 4000 done before sitting for the exam. And from the CD, not the book, as you need to review each and every rationale that is presented, both with the correct answers, as well as the incorrrect answers, to see why they were not chosen.

    Good luck on your exam.:angel2:
  7. by   HyperRNRachel
    I have only been using the C.D., I haven't opened the book yet. I have answered every question in the content list, taken two quizzes, and 600 questions from the study portion (study portion has 1856 questions).....I guess I have answered a little over a 1000 questions so far. The problem with the C.D. is that some of the questions are repeated. I need a resource that does not repeat questions. I have been trying to answer over a 100 questions a day, but I think I will need an additional resource if I need to get through 4000 questions.

    Thanks for the information.

  8. by   wonderbee
    Congrats Jake! I've still got a few days yet before they cut us loose. Our school has provided us with a four-day live review through Meds Pub. So far, the live review has been so-so (we're half way through) but the book they use is great. It's not huge and intimidating like the Saunders, and it's concise but covers everything. It looks doable. I might do some form of online review with meds pub when I get closer to actually taking boards and I'm settled in my new home town.
  9. by   DBlack1
    First time I took the Kaplan review course and answered half of the questions on the disk, along with reading two-thirds of the book. I failed.

    Second time I did every question on the saunders disk and finished the Kaplan disk. I bet I did around 5,000 questions over a two month period while still working weekend option as a tech. I also reviewed my weak areas twice (peds/resp/cardiac). I passed in around one hour and 75 questions. All I did other than the questions was review a thing suzanne sent me on delegation. I didn't actually review meds as I felt overwhelmed by the amount of material needed to feel 100% in that area.