Confused and worried about my NCLEX experience! - page 2

So heres the thing. Im a Canadian RN, have been working since 2007. Since Im looking into going to work in GA, I had to write the NCLEX, and think I was fairly well prepared for it. I studied and... Read More

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    And I agree with Joe, it's not of the SATA questions but if it's the quality of the question. I just hope I won't get the whole 265 q's coz that would be really scary and boring and restless, but might as well prepare myself for it. I can never know if that 265th question would make me pass. Woo! One month away before I take my 2nd try. Good luck & God bless all test-takers out there! We can do this!:spin:
  3. by   joe17
    Congrats. Told yah.