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Hi everyone, Sorry but i'm a bit confused about the steps of the pearson vue trick. Now, we HAVE TO put in credit card information and click to next page to get pop up or proceed on. ... Read More

  1. by   J Friday
    Hey all, just thought I'd add in my experience here. Took NCLEX on 9/6/16. Stopped at 75 questions. I did the PVT about an hour later and got the "Good" message. Still get the good sign when I tried today.

    Word to everyone that gets scared at the CC info screen, DON'T WORRY, EVERYONE GETS THERE! YOU HAVE ENTER INFO and SUBMIT!

    PUT in your card info and just use the WRONG cvc code. It will either:

    1) not charge, and give you the warning of already scheduled test statement "GOOD SIGN"
    2) say the results are on hold "GOOD or BAD SIGN" (Friend of mine finished too fast and got this)
    3) It will ask you to enter the correct payment information "BAD SIGN".

    Using a debit card with little money can cause an overdraft fee or insufficient funds fee if you are not careful.

    I will update and let you guys know if it worked for me.
    I obviously do not have my results yet, California does not allow us to pay for quick-result, and the BRN still has't even received my transcript from the university, so they won't be entering my LIC# soon--as some of you found out that way. I will probably have to wait a while for official word.
  2. by   sarahbochat
    Hey all! Thank you so much for sharing. I took the NCLEX this morning in San Dimas. I got the "good pop up" about 4 hours later when I couldn't handle waiting anymore. I know it's not within the 24 hours that people suggest. I will try again tomorrow.

    When you all say it took 2 days to see something on Breeze, I am assuming you mean business days? I'm getting a little anxious if you haven't noticed, ha! I keep pushing recruiters about jobs, and I want to be available as soon as possible! Or alternatively, I want to prepare for the worst and revisit my study habits.
  3. by   J Friday
    It is definitely 2 business days for the BRN (Breeze) site to update. However, this is only if ALL other documentation has already been submitted and reviewed.

    I have to keep waiting because my university only recently sent my transcripts. SO... there is no 2-day resolution to happiness for It will most likely be another couple weeks (at least) to review/verify my transcripts.

    There is a minimum 45-day wait period to retake, regardless.... which also sucks because I would like to retake asap if needed as I also have recruiters and job offers that are quickly fading and filling up.
  4. by   Youme
    Hey! If u got the good pop-up u likely passed!!! As long as you did the PVT after u got the acknowledgement letter from Pearson Vue. I coudlnt believe that I passed too until my letter came in the mail!
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  5. by   tweedy902
    Just wanted to share my experience with the NCLEX on here for those who may be in a situation similar to myself.... I took the NCLEX 5/9/2017 and left feeling completely and utterly defeated! As I kept answering the questions, I braced myself for question 75 and it came and went... then 76.. 80... 100... 150... and finally at question 198 I RAN OUT OF TIME! I felt horrible and thought for sure 100% I had failed the exam! After driving home, I did some research about my chances of passing the NCLEX even though I had run out of time. It was through this forum that I found out about the Pearson Vue "TRICK" and after much debate, decided to try it since it was generally getting accurate results for most people. I decided to try it 4 hours after taking the exam as others had suggested, and after holding my breathe, I looked at my phone to see the "GOOD POP UP." Even though I wasn't too sold on this, it did give me a sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, there was some kind of chance out there that I really did pass the NCLEX.

    Well fast forward 2 days... I kept checking the Pearson Vue trick at 24 hours, and sure enough, got the "GOOD POP UP." Finally, I checked Pearson Vue website 48 hours later and paid for the quick results... As I put in my payment info. and hit the submit button, my heart was racing.... It said my unofficial results "PASS!!!"

    I just wanted to share my story to those of you who take the NCLEX and ran out of time. I thought without a doubt I had FAILED miserably! The only thing that gave me any glimmer of hope and put me at ease for the next 48 hours while I waited for my unofficial results was the PEARSON VUE TRICK. I am SOOO glad I stumbled upon it and that it definitely worked for me. So for those of you wondering if this trick is real or not, I am a living testimonial that it is 100% true! Hope this helps!