concise relevant lab value chart?

  1. hi,

    is anyone aware of a concise chart of the most relevant lab value ranges, to use as a study aid for nclex?

    i am thinking of flipping thru 400 pages of my lab book and typing one out, just to force myself to study them ... i would only list the common ones, (AST, ALT, CBC, WBC, blah blah) leaving out obscure ones with limited applicatoin (my rationale being that perhaps nclex is less likely to ask about a truly obscure test, and more likely to expect you to know ABGs, lead levels, etc).

    thanks ...
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  3. by   Liz520
    Wow, this looks like it is an old post, but I am curious if you got a response because I just asked the same question and waiting for a reply.
  4. by   wizeone7
    It looks like you didn't get an answer either and now it is a year later. Every university medical bookstore has a little "cheat sheet" laminated card with all the most common labs values on it. Hope this is not too late to help someone.
  5. by   smn2010
    most nclex-rn comprehensive review books contain lab value information. one thing about the nclex, when lab values are given as a multiple choice answer, they are "way" off. lab values may vary by a few numbers from book to book. the goal would be to know/understand the values given in the book you choose to use and know, on the nclex, when a lab value is either too high or too low.

    good luck with your studying...
  6. by   lily stargazer
    I use this one to make my flash cards from. Hope it helps.
  7. by   dumb
    make and print your own flashcards to help you in your review

    normal lab values flashcard

    there are also apps for ipod touch for these kinda stuff!!! during my time i only had cardboards/ index cards.... you guys are lucky to have all these things at yer disposal . make the most of what you have

    i know i sound redundunt.. but i just want to share this with you guys!!! but this is the best everrrr!

    you can download existing nursing flashcards for your nclex review!!!
    you simply have to search for flashcards previously uploaded for nurses.. like ...
    nursing mnemonics, nursing normal lab values, pharmacology.. etc..
    you can download it in yer ipodd or iphone or
    you can explore it in yer computer! how cool is that? heheheh

    good luck!!!
  8. by   caliotter3
    Good info Dumb. Thanks for sharing.
  9. by   heyitslady
    Thanks for sharing Dumb. This truly helped me!
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