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i took the exam today, and the computer stopped at exam was so hard.. :o :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   snow8k
    Quote from justmejaime
    have you seen the results?? i had my exam last thursday,29th. and still no name on the nursing cali boards.. its been 4 bus. days already. but it says there that i was last updated march 30. so i guess results are not posted yet. r yu from Philadelphia, yajrn?? or philippines??

    hi i also took the exam last march 29..i think the results werent posted yet..hopefully we're wating for a good one..lets keep our fingers crossed..goodluck to both of us
  2. by   justmejaime
    yup, gudluck... which part of cali you took ur exam? i had mine in sanfo.. 75 items... really hope i did good for the system to stop..
  3. by   snow8k
    i took it at ontario calif...its nice to know that im not alone i really cant sleep at night like "literally" cozi dont know what 2 expect the next day.mine stopped at 76
  4. by   justmejaime
    just checked the BON site. it's been updated apr. 03. no sign of my name posted. is that a bad sign?? gosh...
  5. by   snow8k
    checked the site just now and i didnt see my name either..
  6. by   Beetle01
    Hi justmejaime and snow8k,

    I took the NCLEX-RN in CA on March 26th and still no results for me either. Only difference is, I ran out of time. The wait is awful! Do you guys know of anyone who has passed and never saw their name on the website? Have you received anything by mail yet? Best of luck to us all!
  7. by   Gallee
    Hi guys, first time poster here.

    My experience is similar to yours, I took the NCLEX last Wed., March 28th, and haven't seen myself on the California BON website either. I got lots of priority, meds, select all that apply, calculations... a real mixed bag of tough questions and it shut off at 75.

    My cousin took his exam on Thurs., March 29th, and he saw his name on the CA BON website yesterday afternoon. This makes me very anxious. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping all the time. Waiting to get official results is killing me!
  8. by   justmejaime
    hi gallee, he did saw his name? yesterday? the list was just updated today since friday.. that's strange... i just called the BON and found out that they dont have my SS# on their file. so i have to fax it to them. i tried asking for my results but he said results are not yet in. just wonderin' if they don't have it yet, or maybe he just dont want to discuss it over the phone. gosh. really really gettin' anxious here...
  9. by   smilingly
    Hi YAJRN:
    I took the test on the same day as you (Mar 24th), but still no result on the website either. One of my friend took Mar 28th, and her name already post on the website. I took the test in Gardena. Where did you take yours?
  10. by   Gallee
    Hi justmejaime - I'm sure that the delay with your license has been the missing SS#. And yes, my cousin did see his name up there on the CA BON website that soon after taking his test.

    And I've just discovered my name has been on the site since the 30th, two days after my testing date of the 28th! Why didn't I find it there? I just got my license in the mail yesterday - with the last letter of my last name missing. That's why! Wow, I've been freaking out over a simple misspelling this whole time.

    So now I just have to take care of paperwork to fix that error. But I passed, yay!
  11. by   justmejaime
    nice to hear that gallee... well, i just hope its the missing ss#. but with or without the ss# i'll still be getting the letter from the mail. its friday today, and still no mail. i guess next week i'll be gettin' mine. 75 questions as well. what are my chances?? thanks gallee..