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  1. I just wrote the NCLEX yesterday. Obviously I'm freaked out right now. I've taken the process slowly, I graduated 2.5 years ago and since then took the Kaplan course twice, applied for Visa's etc, studyed on my own and finally crammed like crazy this month to write the NCLEX...FINALLY.

    So I'm a little weirded out, the exam seemed very similar to the Canadian exam, in the sense that all the questions were ambigious and out there! The Canadian exam is all psycho-social and VERY general. I came out of the NCLEX feeling exactly the same. I HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER I PASSED OR FAILED.

    It stopped at 75 questions, although I swear it must have been 74! I even went to the bathroom at 73 questions, fully expecting the exam to be over 100 I was taken by suprise when it stopped at 74/75. I was relieved as I didn't have the desire to sit there answering questions all day... I had 3 hours of sleep that night, drove three hours from Vancouver to seattle, and started my exam at 8am....I WAS anything over 75 and I think I would have royally screwed up.

    Anyway the questions were: alot of delegating (which patient would you give to an RN, assistant, LPN), a ton of prioritizing (which patient to see first), a lot about diet (meal plans for ppl with specific illnesses), 4/5 med questions, two math caluculations, some of the meds were so out there...I really don't know chemo meds sooo....

    Kaplans prioritizing stratagy is an asset I think and I studied the " illustrated guide for the NCLEX-RN" - I loved this book: Very colorful with pictures and easy to learn and review. HOwever, the exam had nothing that I learned was all prioritizing and delegating....okay maybe 15% of the exam dealt with anatomy/physiology knowledge.

    I just don't know where to stand, what to think....I read for foreign educated nurses that pass rate is 68% first time around.

    Two more days and I find out!! Worried. The whole process costs too much to 'happily' do it again...and I really want to travel nurse. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   Imafloat
    Best of luck to you!

    I had a lot of prioritizing too and I passed. It seemed like my content was everywhere. Let us know either way!
  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck! and i am congratulating you in advance!!!
  5. by   silly1982
    :smiley_aa I passed!

    Looking back, the test was weird. YOu really can't study for it. Too genereral, just know how to prioritize clients, who to delegate what to who, and know some meds and med formulas, oh and diets...thats it....if you know this you'll pass... .?

    To anyone freaking out, its not a tough exam. Kaplen is excellent at teaching you how to test well on the NCLEX, but before taking the test know you're diseases/syndrome and meds well. Once you have the basics, learn how to take the test....and you'll be fine. That book I mentioned, Mosbys "Illustrated guide for the NCLEX-RN" is awsome for teaching prioritizing and all the systems/diseases/syndromes....

    Thats my 2cents.
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  6. by   Barb101
    well done
  7. by   echota
    Congratulations to you.....RN!!!
  8. by   suzanne4
    glad to hear that you passed!

    (and to clear up a few things: american trained nurses have a pass rate of about 85% the first tip around, the average for foreign-trained nurses first time is only about 45%.........usually the english for many, but for the canadians, they get tripped up with labs and drugs.)
  9. by   rafRN
    That was the content of my exam when i first took it.But sad to say, didn't make it .Anyways,CONGRATULATIONS to you
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations new RN!!!
  11. by   silly1982
    45% YIKES!! I guess I must have had some luck too! Any Canadian nurses out there have questions...msg me!

    Good luck to everyone: US or foreign!
  12. by   woodhill30
    I am reading your post with butterflies in my tummy . I sit the exam on Thursday , am a U.K trained nurse and moved to Texas with my husband and kids a year ago. Its taken me this long to get to the point of taking the Nclex. I qualified as Nurse in 1987 and then did Midwifery following that. I practised Midwifery until last year before moving here. I have not done much general nursing at all. I have studied off and on since being here and have studied hard for the last month. I tend to get between 60 and 70 % for the practise questions I do but cant seem to improve beyond that. Even the practise questions I often think they are so abstract and don't know what is being asked.
    All the best for your results and for a really great job too. I will post again after Thursdayoh noooooooo!!
  13. by   woodhill30
    Just read that the foreign educated pass rate is 45% thats a nightmare. I sit Nclex on Thursday and am now truly scared. Anyone got any tips for a British educated nurse, meds are my low point . I have followed advice on this website and have studied pretty hard too.
  14. by   silly1982
    You know, on the practice exams I would constantly get 72%

    You just have to reach a certain level of difficulty on the NCLEX and get 50% of those questions correct.

    I say, the most important things to know are your BASIC meds - coumadin, heparin, Iron, K, dig, get it...nothing obscure..don't waste your time. Also, know your LABS inside out. Then, know diets - what is best for which type of disease and know your degelgation -what can a RN do, an LPN, a nurses assistant? Then, know your priorities: ABC -airway, breathing, circulation.

    Like I said, " the illustrated guide to the NCLEX-RN" is excellent - the first five chapters review all of this. I'd just read the whole book, know it and do the Cd of questions. Its the best resource I studied from.

    Just be smart on this exam...if you have experience should know what is critical to assess first and so on.

    I think the 45% has a lot to do with language barriers too....UK nurses should be fine.