Can I Transfer my NCLEX results?

  1. Ok, hypothetically:

    Lets say I passed my NCLEX and applied for licensure in a state that I completed school in. But the state has taken several weeks and still no official result on license status. I am now wishing to move to my home state and get my license there. Since the previous state is still in the process of reviewing my application, can I just go ahead and apply to the other state and have PearsonVue transfer my test results there or is that something that the other BON has to release?

    I am trying to go from KS to FL...and KS has had so many budget cut backs I was told on the phone that it may still be another 6 weeks before I get any result change from "pending". I really cannot afford to wait that long, especially when FL is a pretty quick turn around state.

    *PS...the Pearson Vue trick does work!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    You cannot transfer NCLEX results, since the results are sent to the BON which issued your approval and ATT. Pearsonvue cannot send NCLEX results to anyone else.

    Depending on the state you live in, it takes a few days to 6-8 weeks to issue you a license. Once you get your license you can apply for licensure by endorsment or reciprocity in the state that you want to work.

    Have you tried calling the BON and asking if you have a license number or checking the online registry? Some states can give you a license number over the phone before you get your actual license in the mail.
  4. by   rnbsnmsn
    Yes, I called them. I got quite an earful from them when I called. It was explained to me that due to budget cut backs that they only have one person, the one that I talked to, who actually reviews/investigates each application package. She said that my application will be reviewed next week and then the investigation/background part begins. She said that can take another 6 weeks. She stated that if I was unhappy about that, I can join the other 400 applicants she needs to review and contact the states representative to increase the BON budget.
    My application has been with the BON for over a month, but my NCLEX test reults were submitted one week ago.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Contact the state BRN involved.
  6. by   Double-Helix
    It's interesting that you were able to take the NCLEX before you application was reviewed by the BON. In NJ, I has to wait nearly 8 weeks for my application to be processed before I could even take the NCLEX. Then it's another 2-4 weeks to get a license number.
  7. by   rnbsnmsn
    It took a few weeks to get my ATT, everything is marked as completed on my nursing application checklist on the BON website except for approved by legal. Thats what they said can take so long and they dont begin that process until after everything else is complete.
  8. by   hdnurse_ian
    hi! how long does it take to transfer the result to another state?
  9. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from hdnurse_ian
    hi! how long does it take to transfer the result to another state?
    You don't. You apply for a license to a specific State Board of Nursing. That state then authorizes you to take the test for them. The results are sent to them. Then that state either issues you or license or not.

    If you want to endorse your license to another state, you need to apply to that State Board of Nursing for a license by endorsement, show them proof of your current license, pay the fee, etc. How long it takes depends on the state. You can always call the State Board and ask them.