Can a BSN major take the NCLEX after his second year of BSN program? - page 3

This seems to be so, I was wondering because I will most likley get accepted by BSN program, but I realy need to work part time after 2 years. So if I have to wait 3 years (to be a RN) for BSN and... Read More

  1. by   MuddaMia
    Quote from nursinguy

    this is the program i will be taking .

    couple of thoughts:

    first you say that your last year is only management classes? i highly doubt this. you will be doing your preceptorship and community health nursing. these are part of your required (by state) clinical hours in order to graduate. i can't see any way you could sit for test before completing state required hours

    second you said you are "not worried about failing, as you are tops in your class" well, everyone who gets into nursing school is tops in their class--the average gpa getting into my program was 3.7. i had a 3.9 and let me tell you...its not a cakewalk by any means. this % of ppl who do fail--remember--before entering the program (some even while in the program) are tops also, so don't get too comfortable.

    third: my suggestion. i also have a family and 4 little kids, so i know how difficult it is. anyway, get into program and (if allowed at state level) take the lpn test after 2nd year and work as a lpn. otherwise, get a job as a cna for that last year. lots of us do it, its hard work--hard on our families--but it can be done

    good luck