Call me crazy but I have FAITH

  1. On thursday, I will resubmit my application to take my boards. This will be my second time taking them and by GOD'S GRACE I will pass. Everyday I pass by the Pearson Vue going to and from work. I make it a point to look over at the testing center and say "Boards I will pass you in Jesus name, I have the victory right now and I claim it." Having a strong will mind body and soul will get me through. So for all of the repeaters, and yet to come have faith!!!!

    Currently I'm doing Suzanne guide 100 questions qd.

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  3. by   eliza_mae017
    Hi! You are right, I will be taking my 2nd try of NCLEX-RN this March.. And everyday as i pray, I always say "I will pass NCLEX RN":wink2: I am not Open for any NEgatives...... I WIll PAss NCLEX RN, I know God Will give my license very very soon':Melody: I am also doing Saunders 100 per day....... ohhh GoodLuck too u and all of Us here at allnurses..... HAVE Faith! PRay:wink2:
  4. by   Immortal_us
    Hi I too am taking my boards in Feb. I by god's wil,l grace and mercy I am going to Pass this nclex (I saw that one of the users called the nclex a beast). So I will keep you guys in my prayers and I know that Jesus will take us through this as long as we have faith and believe in him we will be RN in 2006 .

    Jesus is Lord and through him all things are possible he did not bring me this far to leave me. :angel2:
  5. by   2005grad
    Just continue to answer the 100 questions everyday. Make sure you read the rationale for correct and incorrect answers. We will have VICTORY!!!

  6. by   MMARN
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Cling on to that are going to pass. Good luck and God bless!
  8. by   Immortal_us
    To: 2005grad and eliz_mae017 did you guy pm suzanne4 so she could give you information regarding how to study. The reason why I say that is because many other users that were in our shoes( 2nd timers) use suzanne4 study guide and everyone that use it and followed it passed. So make sure you pm here so we can report back the good news. Thank you for posting your thread.

    Jesus is Lord.:angel2: :angel2:
  9. by   2005grad
    yes I'm doing 100 questions per day reading book and reading her articles she sent me. I hope this is all that I am suppose to go over. Also will go over herbal medication.

  10. by   Immortal_us
    That's good I should be getting the study plan this coming wk and I am going to follow it too a tee. I order an NSCBN online course but I stopped using it because I want to stick to suzanne4's study plan.

    Jesus is Lord:angel2::angel2:
  11. by   mary_claire25
    wow! you really have a great faith! i know you can make it. im also taking my nclex-rn exam this coming february. i also have faith in God and i know He will help us pass the exam.
  12. by   2005grad
    Come on you guys we can do....STUDY STUDY AND STUDY AGAIN!!!!! We need to cheer each other on !!!!

  13. by   eliza_mae017
    Hello Yes, I;d been following Suzanne study plan and the material she sent me.... Hmmm, I am using 3d edition (cd) 100 qt per day. And everyday of my life am thankful that i found this site... thanks to all of u guysss.... And God BLEss:angel2: "Yes, in Jesus name, I will pass my NLEX-Rn exam, i claim it, ill be an RN" VERY VERY SOON..... :angel2:
  14. by   Immortal_us
    Great I glad to see that we are studying hard with faith and the love from our heavenly father (we got this !!).

    jesus is lord.