CA Re-Application Processing Time Aug 2016

  1. Has anyone gone through the process to retake the NCLEX in California recently and can share how long it took to get a new ATT? I've been studying for my second test for 5 weeks and am being told by the BRN they are still processing apps from June I'm afraid I'll go brain dead by the time my ATT rolls around.

    Any advice appreciated!
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  3. by   Scrub Smurf
    Hi. Just want to share my thoughts about BRN... I suggest that you keep bugging them about getting your second ATT, but after the 45 days grace period. You don't want to piss them off, but you don't want to waste precious time also. You only have 365 days to pass and get a license, so divide that by won't have a lot of chances, considering you keep failing. Good luck to you.
  4. by   rnby21
    Thanks for your response! I plan to start bugging them next week after my 45 days is up and going to Sac since I don't live far.
  5. by   RNyelper
    It took me quite some time to receive another ATT after my first attempt. I'd say about 3 months maybe longer(BON was backed up with March at the time.) It's very very frustrating because during the time you're still studying hard and wondering when you will receive the ATT. But if will show up no doubt, just prepare for the worst and know it may take longer than the 45-90 days.
  6. by   Scrub Smurf
    The 45-day waiting period is a BON/Pearson Vue shared rule...PV won't just let you retake the exam within 45 days. But you can get your ATT at any time, depending of course, on the BON's workload on processing new applications AND retakes. Which is actually unfair to retakers because you can only take so much within 365 days. Time is running whether you get your ATT in a week or in three months. The most number of retakes a person I know have done, five. Good luck on your second try.
  7. by   dRummiN_KS
    I applied for my second attempt on July 28th and I still haven't gotten anything. I've heard that it can take at least 3 months. I feel your pain too. I've been studying aimlessly since August only to know that my ATT is far from reception =[