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  1. dRummiN_KS

    Question for the night shift OR nurses

    Thanks for the help! Because we don't have 24 hour service, we utilize our call team, but by opening the 12 hour night position, my hospital can reconsider upgrading to a Trauma 2 facility. How do you choose when you call in the back-up team? How do you handle being overwhelmed?
  2. My question is: What do you do during the night? What kind of traumas are you doing? How do you pass time when there's no clinical work to be done? What is a typical night like? How do you manage the unit when the team is basically the nurse and your scrub tech? When do you feel the need to get the call-team in? What advice would you give a relatively new OR nurse working the night? Some background, I transferred from Adult Med-Surg working 3 12-hour shifts, and since August 2018, I've been circulating, working the 8-hour Monday to Friday 0645-1515 gig. All of our circulators and scrub techs are well versed in Ortho, OB/GYN, Vascular, General surgery, Uro/Nephro, Robotics, Cardiac, Bariatrics, etc. Management has been very pleased and impressed at how quickly I've picked up circulating (I've even spent a few months learning how to scrub cases, also). This week, management offered me a 12-hour night position (1900-0730) working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I work at a trauma 3 hospital with no 24-hour OR service so this is the first time a staff nurse has been offered a night position, let a 12 hour position as wee normally use travelers to work the night shift.
  3. dRummiN_KS

    UWorld Scores

    I was hittting the same scores as you when I started out. I think I averaged a 57 or something when I finished the entire bank. I wrote down the rationales of right and wrong questions. Understanding the rationales and applying it to questions is whats important, not the score. I passed the second time with UWorld.
  4. dRummiN_KS

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    I didn't expect how differently patients act when a male nurse is taking care of then rather than a female. There was one instance where 2 of female nurses were trying to keep a patient from jumping out bed with verbal communication and educational reinforcement. Patient was elderly with psyche issues. So they call me in to help and the patient instantly calmed down. On a not so serious note, I didn't realize how many women enjoy watching HGTV! It always on in the breakroom even after I change it to ESPN. Days of watching ESPN during lunch have finally come to a close.
  5. dRummiN_KS

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things

    I took care of a patient who had a leg abscess r/t MVA + ETOH. Words of advice was, "Don't ride a f******g scooter!" I was bawling on the ground. Fun fact, I have my M1 license hahah but the dude was comedy.
  6. dRummiN_KS

    Unprofessional to mention you have other patients?

    I straight up throw away the whole professionalism out the door and be myself and treat my patients as if they're my friends from college, church, etc. rather than a patient. Once I establish a warm and friendly rapport, I use the kill 'em-with-kindness technique where I say something like "alright you're all set, I gotta check on my other patients. If you need me, use your call light. I'll see you soon! all with a smile. And I say that as I'm walking backwards towards the exit door. I don't even think twice that they're being offended by the fact that I have 3 to 4 other lives I need to stabilize.
  7. dRummiN_KS

    Favorite shoes

    I've been playing sports for years so I always stuck to basketball/tennis shoes and they've done well and held up great. I'm currently using Jordan 31s. They're high tops so I have great ankle support and they have little pods that conform the awkward angles on your ankles. In other words, they hug the Achilles very well. They also have really good grip on the hard floors so it's easy to weave around and make quick cuts (just in case you wanna crossover a doctor haha).
  8. dRummiN_KS

    UWorld Scores

    When bought UWorld, I initially was hitting in the 40s, 50s then eventually the 60s and stayed there. I have a notebook full of notes from the rationales. I did a 75 question qbank everyday for 2 months and when I ran out of new questions, I made another set with questions that I've gotten wrong. Don't be focused on how many you get right, what matters is understanding the rationales and applying it to the next pertinent question. I actually saw some similar questions from UWorld on my NCLEX! The Lacharity delegation book was useful too. I passed using UWorld and the Lacharity book...it was also my second time I took it =D
  9. dRummiN_KS

    Uworld - NCLEX Next Week

    During the 2 weeks before my test, I bought the Priority, Delegation, Assessment (PDA) book that everyone raves about and it is a legitimate study tool to use. I had questions regarding delegation and having the PDA book helped. Also, after I completed UWorld, I tested each system individually and retook questions I got wrong by system rather than as a whole. Good luck!
  10. dRummiN_KS

    Pre nursing

    You need to apply to the school you want to get into, then apply to their nursing program. All schools have different requirements in order to apply into the program including an overall GPA and science GPA. From my experience, I applied to a California State University in the fall of 2011, I received my acceptance letter in March 2012. I transferred to my new school in August 2012, then applied to their Fall-2013 nursing program in January 2013 and received my acceptance letter in March 2012. I ended up taking the private school route in 2013 and it was as simple as applying to their program and sending transcripts. I completed all of their paper work during the summer and I began the nursing program in September 2013.
  11. dRummiN_KS

    What are you bringing to work?

    The wipes is a brilliant idea haha
  12. dRummiN_KS

    What are you bringing to work?

    I've noticed a trend in car forums where users like to include what parts they've installed and what things they have done to their cars. Some uses get quite detailed while others prefer to stay simple with their equipment. So it got me thinking, what are the experienced nurses, new-grad nurses, CNA/LVN, students, etc bringing to the floor? From the detailed like watches, socks, and pens, to the basic pieces of equipment like shoes, scrubs, and stethoscopes. Now I ask, when you walk into your facility, what is on you? I'm wearing Grey's Anatomy Active and Jockey scrubs Littmann Classic II stethoscope Nike Lunar Flyknit 3 Nike Elite socks G-Shock watch Pilot V7 pens Nursing pocket-kit with shears, multicolor pen, penlight, with extra free pockets Notebook, clipboard, protein bars, and a backpack =]
  13. dRummiN_KS

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: CA Experience: New grad orientee. BSN Specialty: Med-Surge per diem Facility: Medium sized hospital Pay: Baseline 42.xx/hr
  14. dRummiN_KS

    New Grad Nurse

    Yes this is true. Kaiser hospitals does not even accept new grads, Versant programs are very difficult to get into unless you know people or have incredible nursing school grades.
  15. dRummiN_KS

    New Grad Nurse

    I would suggest you take your boards in Wisconsin then move to CA assuming the California and Wisconsin BONs will comply together. I have plenty of nursing friends in Los Angeles who are having trouble finding hospital jobs. However, if you go to smaller cities you'll be able to land a job. After going to nursing school in LA, I moved back home with my parents in Santa Barbara county here in California and I landed a hospital job very quickly.
  16. dRummiN_KS


    I'm using the Nike Lunar Flyknit 3s and they're incredibly comfortable, really like with a functional sole that helps with all the gait motions. They're still pretty new but so far, it's getting the job done.