Bed position&Diets for Nclex Rn - Hope it Helps

    1. Acute Pulmonary Edema- High fowler, legs dependent position to decrease edema, congestion
    2. Pericarditis- High fowler, upright leaning forward
    3. Abdomonal aortic anureysm- HOB only 45 degree, monitor BUN, Creatinine
    4. Embelectomy- Semi fowler
    5. Auto graft- site immobolize 3- 7 days
    6. Masectomy- Semi fowler
    7. Hypophysectomy- increase HOB, to decrease ICP
    8. Thyroidectomy- Semi fowler
    9. Bronchoscopy- Semi fowler
    10. Postural Drainage- Trendelburg
    11. Airembolism(Hemodialysis)- Left side, Head down
    12. After Kidney transplant- Semi fowler to promote gas exchange, turning from back to non operative side
    13. Rib Fracture- high fowler
    14. flail chest- high fowler
    15. pneumothorax, contussion- high fowler
    16. ARDS- High fowler
    17. Acute asthma- high fowler,
    18. COPD- High fowler, leaning position
    19. Pneumonia- Semi fowler
    20. Pleural Effusion- High fowler
    21. empyema- semi- high
    22. Pulmonary Embolism- High fowler
    23. Lumbar puncture- flat(4-12 hrs)
    24. cerebral angiography- Flat(if femoral artry used)
    25. spinal fusion- flat
    26. Sickel cell- 30 degree,avoid knee gatch and putting strain on painful joints
    27. Myocardial infraction- semi fowler

    1. GERD- low fat, increase fiber, small frequent feedings
    2. Pyloric stenosis- fluids, glucose, electrolyte solutions
    3. Hiatal Hernia- small frequent mealslimit liquid taken with meals
    4. Acute Gastritis- ice chips- clear- solid food
    5. Gastric/ duodenal ulcer- small. Bland food
    6. Dumping syndrome- avoid salt, sugar, milk. increase protein, fat, decrease carb
    7. Bariateric Surgey- before surgery avoid protein, sugar, fat
    8. Ulcerative colits- clear liquid- low residue
    9. diverticulosis- avoid seeds
    10. appendicitis- fluid
    11. cholecystitis- low fat
    12. Acute pancreatitis- low fat, protein, heavy meal
    13. pyelonephriris- high calorie, decrease protein
    14. Glomerulonephriris- high calorie, decrease protein, Na, K
    15. Nephrotic Syndrome- low- moderte protein
    16. Prostitis- Avoid spicy food, coffee, Alchol
    17. BPH-Avoid Artificial sweetner, acidic foods,alchol, spicy, coffee
    18. COPD, Pneumonia- High calorie, Increase protein
    19. when taking Levodopa- Decrease protein, avoid exceesive Vit b6
    20. SLE- increase iron, vitamin
    21. Scleroderma- Avoid spicy, coffee , alchol
    22. Sickel cell- Increase calorie, protein, follic acid
    23. CAD- increase fiber , avoid Na
    24. Phenylketonuria- Avoid protein, aspartane
    25. Phenochromocytoma- increase calorie, vitamin, minerals
    26. Hypothroididsm- low fat, calorie
    27. Hyperthyroidism- High calorie
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