awaiting license ..

  1. I passed my nclex last week. How long does it take for my license to come in the mail?
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  3. by   alwayshavefaith
    Congrats! =] it usually takes 1-2weeks. But you can already start applying cause your license # and all the info you need is posted on the BRN website. Congrats again =]
  4. by   Double-Helix
    It depends on your state. Some states post a license number (all you need to apply for jobs) online within 1-2 days. Other states take several weeks to post a license number. The most accurate resource for this question will be your state BON. Call them and ask.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    This reminds me of the old saw about how long a cold lasts with and without treatment. With treatment, about 7 days. Without treatment, about a week.

    Your license will come in somewhere between two and eight weeks depending on how well-staffed your state's BON is. If you really have to know, call them and ask them directly. But it'll get there anyway.
  6. by   Esme12 varies place to place the point is you passed!

    They can't take it away from you!(moved to NCLEX for best response)
  7. by   Sun0408
    Depends on the state and if they actually sent out a license. My state does not, you get a number and a website to verify, no actual paper license.
  8. by   Bella2917
    I took my nclex last Monday and my license came in the mail today...from New York
  9. by   schizo
    Do you have to apply for the license? Or they will just mail it to you.. I took my exam 3/28. And paid for the quick result, it says in my status pass... That means I can now celebrate right? New York State
  10. by   Bella2917
    Yesssss!!!! Celebrate!!!! I did right after I did the pvt!!! Congratulations!!! You'll get urs Thursday!!
  11. by   Jae89
    thank you all for your responses
  12. by   Jae89
    Yes! Celebrate your booty off!