Anyone felt good after taking NCLEX and passed?

  1. I just took the NCLEX today and got 75 questions. I actually felt good after I got finished. I know this is considered a bad sign, so I am worried. I was wondering if anyone else felt good coming out and still passed?

    I had 3 drug calculations (the first question was a drug calculation), 3 check all that apply, about 8 drug questions, no delegation, a few prioritization, approx 1 psych, 2 maternal, 4 peds, 2 herbs that I knew the answer to, a couple of who needs further teaching, a few procedures (what to look for and who is contraindicated) and the rest med surg. I know I got the last question wrong, but I have heard of others who got 75 questions and the last question wrong and still passed. So I am not so worried about the last question - just that I knew when I clicked the "next" button after the 75th question that it would shut off, and I was excited about it.

    To me, this was not the worst test I had ever taken. My final was horrible and I made an 85 on it. My instructor did tell me afterwards that they intentionally made the final so hard so we wouldn't freak out over the NCLEX. She said it would be harder than the NCLEX. Our class also took 2 standardized tests our final semester(Mosby - 265 questions and NLN - 150 questions) Most of my classmates thought they were horrible but I thought they were easy. I made 97th and 98th percentiles on them. I have done an excess of 8000 different NCLEX style questions from 9 different sources that I have been doing since last summer. No, I didn't make straight As in nursing school. No one from our program did. I had high Bs and an A in Maternal.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience and still passed?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    some people feel good when they come out and some feel bad I haven't met anyone yet who didn't feel either. Normal reactions so all I can do is wish you good luck
  4. by   calhoun220
    Thank your for those words of encouragement. For those who are interested, I will post my results when I get them.
  5. by   Jessy_RN
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! I bet you did pass.
  6. by   calhoun220
    For those who are interested, I found out today that I passed.
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