any tipe for pharcmacology revision...NCLEX soon!!!

  1. Hi everyone.
    Does anyone have any tips for revising pharmacology for the NCLEX-RN? I will be emmigrating from England and I am having trouble remembering the names of drugs, what they are used for and the side effects - which are the questions coming up most on practice tests! I found that when I qualified here that I learnt drugs quite easily whilst on the job because I was working with them all the time! Alot of american drugs have different names and I have never heard of them before!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I sit my exam at the end of June.

    Thanks, Ange.
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  3. by   NursePeace
    Hi...Im an LPN, but maybe I can help..... You can look up the most popular drugs on the internet and buy a davis drug guide and start from there. Personally I love the disk that comes in the book!! If you go to yahoo and type in most popular prescription drugs in US, Im sure you'll come up with a boat load of drugs!! Then get to memorizing!! Ive always had problems with remembering names, classifications, etc. too, sooo GOOD LUCK!!
  4. by   EricJRN
    I would utilize an NCLEX review book like Saunders and learn the drugs by class, rather than by individual drug. Most of the drugs within a given class will have similar endings to their generic names, so that makes it easier. I'm sure if you were good at it before that you'll be able to pick it up quickly for the US.
  5. by   mauloa
    Try Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference book. I find it very useful and helpful for the NCLEX exam. I hate Pharma but this book boost my confidence to learn lots of drugs which I didn't encountered before. Wish of luck.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    Delmar's Comprehensive Study Guide for NCLEX-PN (they have one for RNs also) has a wonderful chapter on the drugs. They are listed in classifications and also give hints to the suffixes, such as 'prils' are ACE inhibitors, 'olols' are beta-blockers, 'prazole' are used for ulcers, 'nafil' for impotence (tadalafil or sildenafil), things like that. My pharmacology class was a complete nightmare and I would not have learned them without that, and other books similar. Look at the classifications and try to study them along with the disease's easier that way.
  7. by   angiebaby2
    thanks everyone - will look into those books.
  8. by   woknblues

    there are some goodies here. a lot of other topics as well.
  9. by   srd84
    am gng to take nclex second time,i dnt knw which way i can prepare.can anyone help me with that..............plssssssss