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I just got done with my NCLEX and couldn't get a feel for the test at all. It shut off at 75. I had a lot of prioritization questions. It just didn't seem that bad to me. My tests in school were much... Read More

  1. by   Drmy4ever
    So happy for you!!! I'm planning to take my board in late December. Can you share your success story.... like which study method/book did you use and how many questions have you done a day and all together? Thanks.
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from Drmy4ever
    So happy for you!!! I'm planning to take my board in late December. Can you share your success story.... like which study method/book did you use and how many questions have you done a day and all together? Thanks.
    Hi Drmy4ever, and welcome to! Good luck on your NCLEX!

    YW, and good for you NurseyBaby'05! What kind of shoes did you end up with? I see so many kinds, and so many recommendations I'm getting confused on what is the best. lol
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    I found a Crocs kiosk at the new mall a few miles outside the city. I had been wanting to try them for a while, but wanted to be able to try them on first. So far, so good! My feet feel pretty good. I'll wear them to work tomorrow for the first time and then see how my feet feel. I have plantar fasciatis in my heels and have awful luck with shoes. I figured that at least with the Crocs, I spent less than $50 if they don't work out as oppossed to $100 on my Danskos. We shall see!


    Welcome to the board! I used Saunders and Lippincott CDs for practice questions. My employer offered a NCLEX review from Drexel University as a employee benefit. (They also paid me for the four days I was in the class. ) This helped with the "psychology behind the test". It covered a lot of test taking strategies. I finally learned to master the "Choose all that apply" questions. They said to treat each option as a single true/false question. It worked. I did not wind up with any on my test, but would have been ready to face them. As for the practice questions for about three weeks before the test I would just try to sqeeze in as many as possible when I had some free time. Saunders offers little 10 question quizzes on each topic. I would do a few of these if I had an extra 15 minutes. Otherwise I tried to do an hour a day for the last two weeks. Somedays I got the studying in. Other days I did not. I consciously decided that I was not going to make myself crazy studying for this test. I knew it would backfire if I did. I knew my weak areas and concentrated on those and did a quick brush-up with the rest. The other thing that really helped me prepare was the nursing program that I graduated from. After taking the NCLEX I see how well they really did get us ready for it. Our actual nursing tests were much harder than the NCLEX. Only two people out of my whole class of approx 110-120 did not pass their NCLEX the first time. Most of us got 75 questions. Hope my rambling helps. Good luck!
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    I knew you had passed!! Welcome to the tribe. Other new nurses had told me when they hit 75 it shut off and they had passed. I think it would go on and on if you had not passed yet. In my day (1979) we had to go for 2 8 hour days to take the boards and we didnt find out the results for 5 months. So congrats!
  5. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Awww . . .:imbar :icon_hug:

    Thank you!
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    thanks for sharing your study method...... and did i say....
    :hatparty: congrats!!!:hatparty:
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    Muchas gracias!
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    I graduate from my little ADN program in just over a month, so I'll take the test around the end of December. Baby, your "do questions whenever you can" prep method sounds a lot like the way most of our teachers have told us to prepare. I'll give it a shot...can't hurt.

    P.S. Congratulations
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I kept saying I was going to do x amount of questions a day. Obviously, that did not happen. I missed a lot of time because I didn't have an hour or two to devote to studying, so I didn't do any at all. Then I became "enlightened" and reminded myself that even if I only do ten, it's better than nothing. I found that once I got started with those ten, it was easier to keep going.

    Good luck with graduation!
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    Thanks a bunch, I think it'll be a good first step to a career.
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    It's real good to feel confident after a text, but it's rare to hear that from the nclex text. I plan to take mine for december and i am already panic. I feel relieve sometime when reading the posting message. Good luck
  12. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I didn't feel too confident after I took the test. Not one question was black and white. Tests that had a lot of gray areas were not my strong suit in school. I'm glad you feel less nervous with this thread. Good luck!