advise!!! nclex-RN considering nclex-PN - page 3

Hi to members, I have taken the nclex-RN 3x and failed all 3, it was very devastating and no one to blame except me....trying to analyze what i did wrong just drives me crazy...... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Good luck eile.heart.
  2. by   eile.heart
    I called the California Board of Nursing, I found out that if you failed Nclex-RN and you want to take Nclex-PN, you just need to submit a letter to BON with your file number and they will mail a copy of your credentials(ex:transcript and clinical records) to Board of Vocational Nursing and psychiatric Tecnicians(BVNPT).... Just pay them $30 for precessing fee...... and then submit a separate application form to BVNPT....
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